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    Non-Resident Permit Timeframes

    I joined this site a couple of months ago. At the time I was looking in to non-resident permits since I am a Vermonter and I travel a lot (we don't need permits here, but consequently, no other states recognize our right to carry).

    I just received my New Hampshire non-resident permit. It took 8 weeks (their web site says 3 weeks), but it was easy and cheap ($20.00). It doesn't cover all the states I travel in, so I will need others. I'm thinking Utah and Florida. Anyone have experience with the timeframes required in these states?

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    I think Utah is running about 6 weeks, which is fast for them (mine took 4 1/2 months last year). That's bad news about NH since I sent mine in 2 weeks ago. I've heard of people getting NH permits back in as little as 8 days in the past.

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    my original utah permit was received in about a month. I am in the process of renewal right now. it has been 2 weeks since I have sent in all the paper work. I just called them to confirm that they have even received my application and they could not tell me that they have. they said that it is most likely in a bin of mail that has not been gotten to yet... so who knows how long it will take this time.
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    I applied for a FL permit (as a resident of NJ). Stated time frame was up to 90 days, though I got mine in a little under 60.

  6. My nonresident Florida permit took close to 90 days but it is widely accepted.

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