Disparity of force????
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Thread: Disparity of force????

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    Disparity of force????

    This was in the USCCA weekly news letter. I'm looking for your views on how to react.


    You are in your typical CCW posture and getting gas at a well-lit service station in a pretty good neighborhood in your town/city. While filling up, you notice a man 30 yards away approaching you with "a crazed look in his eyes" and his eyes are locked on you.

    Physically he is taller, more muscled and quite a bit younger than you...at 10 yards you notice his hands are balled into fists and he adopts a very aggressive posture while walking towards you. You do not see a weapon.

    You initiate verbal commands and blade yourself/weapon while moving off the x at an oblique angle to his direction of travel. he does not respond to your commands and changes directions to intercept you.

    What next...?
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  3. What to do?

    In Utah this is easy. If he doesn't respond and the threat is there, pull your weapon and let him know you are serious. If he continues then you may fire. In Utah balled fists are the same as any other weapon. If the threat is perceived, and the perp refuses to back off you are within your rights to do what is necessary. Hundreds of things may be considered weapons, fists are just another of those. In the "hands" of someone bent upon doing you harm you are within your rights to defend yourself.

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    With flame thower in hand why go to gun?Chrispy critter.

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    From being on the receiving end, gasoline will blind someone quicker than cayenne pepper. But this is partially the dilemma I face. I'm a pretty big guy, and there aren't too many juries who would believe me to be in imminent peril by your average joe. However, since I'm carrying, I would rather him not get close enough for retainment to even be an issue. So I would casually uncover (Alabama allows open carry) and wait until the last possible second before drawing and firing, my peril being that I believed he was going for my gun.

    I'm also a bit of a student of the use of body language and have found that people will very often respond unconsciously to conflicting signals. Such as adopting an aggressive posture while wearing a "Hey, How you doin'" epression. Actually had a group of Hispanic gentlemen "part the waters" for me at a mall in Ft Lauderdale using this technique.
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    I'm in Utah also. Draw and fire if necessary to stop the threat.

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    I would probably say something like "can I help you" in a nice friendly way. If he does not answer and keeps approaching I would expose or draw my weapon but not aim at the perp until I was sure that a confrontation is imminent.

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    Not much I could do in FL since I have to prove my self in court later. The first thing I'm thinking is to point the gas nozzel at him. The mental factor of being covered in flamable liquid is powerful stuff.
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    With flame thower in hand why go to gun?Chrispy critter.
    I was gonna say that too but dang, that gas is mighty pricey! :hilarious:

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    Quote Originally Posted by kwo51 View Post
    With flame thower in hand why go to gun?Chrispy critter.
    Hmmm, with the price of gas today

    I'm not so sure this would be my first choice here ;)

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    what I would do is blade weapon away from suspect issue a verbal warning loud enough that other people would be brought to the attention of what was going on draw my weapon if he does not respond and try and place the vehical between him and I and if all fails shoot to stop.
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