45 days later, but finally a response
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Thread: 45 days later, but finally a response

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    45 days later, but finally a response

    A lot of you may remember a thread I posted last month about my experience while shopping at the local ALDI grocery store.


    After waiting 45 days without receiving a phone call or reply letter, I finally decided today to call the corporate office to see what had happened. The lady who answered was nice, but could not tell me if anyone had received my letter or had taken any action on it. She asked for my information and told me that I should expect a call from the local district manager sometime today. About fifteen minutes later, the call came, and I repeated my story to district manager Sharron Brown (who told me that he had not heard anything about this prior to today), who was very understanding about the whole matter. It just so happened that he called me from the store where the incident took place and was with the store manager, who heard the entire conversation. He told me that the security guard has been relieved of her duties there and assured me that what happened to me that day will never happen to me again. All he asked was that I keep my handgun concealed (the reason being that he feels that patrons carrying exposed firearms makes for a less businesslike environment) from now on, which I have no problem with, since concealed is my preferred mode of carry anyway. Overall, the experience was pleasant, and Mr. Brown was very courteous and professional the entire time.

    The main lesson I took away from this was that if I want results from Aldi, the telephone works better than letter writing.

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    I remember your original post on the matter. glad to hear that it was resolved. and to be honest kind of funny that the security person is no longer there that was giving you a hard time. and very glad to hear that they are supporting your rights!
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    You never know when you send a letter, unless it is certified, if they got it or if they field it under T for trash.
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    I personally like a combination of both phone and either email or snail mail correspondence. If contacting a business by phone, I usually follow up with a letter or email that goes something like "as we discussed in our phone conversation earlier today....." This usually gets the result that I desire.

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    Glad you got it worked out. I usually use mail or email. I have in the past called and gotten incorrect information. I guess it all depends on who they will let you talk with. At least with mail you know who it is directed to. However, I am still waiting on return mail from the state in regards to questions about off limit carry sites. I sent the letter in Sept or Oct. So who knows.

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