Gun for home protection - need opinions
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Thread: Gun for home protection - need opinions

  1. Gun for home protection - need opinions

    Last night at 2am someone tried breaking into my house (unsuccessfully) and also my car (successfully). I live alone and this is enough. I want to buy a hand gun and keep it by my bed. What type of hand gun would best serve this purpose and what is the best place to buy one?

    I live in a nice middle class area but recently there have been burglaries.
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    This is just my opinion and I hope you'll get many to help you make your decision. First there is no best handgun, but there is a best handgun for you. Depends on your physical attributes (big, small), experience, and comfort zone with what you might have to do. I am a medium build male who has been around firearms all my life. I started shooting with my father and uncles at the age of 12 and have good self discipline developed through the military. I have been through several training classes for handguns including CCW and constantly go to them to keep my skills fresh. This is not a commitment to be taken lightly. Best thing I'd advise is to go several different gunshops and look them over--beware if you are female as there is a lot of testosterone in the air as my wife says--find the one where you feel comfortable. Most places have rentals handguns and will provide an introductory lesson to renters. Try several different arms, ask lots of questions. Most shooters are more then happy to share their knowledge and skill. Also, there is a tremendous amount of info on the net, hope I've been of some assistance.

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    If you haven't already done so, take a course that covers the use of firearms for personal protection. You can't simply have a gun on your night stand for personal protection. There are various strategies and tactics that you will need to learn in order to prepare for possible situations you may encounter.

    While taking a handgun class, you will have an opportunity to learn about the various handguns and which one may be best for you.

    Feel free to PM me if you have any questions.

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    As I, and many others believe, a shotgun is the best firearm for home defense. A good short barreled shotgun is easily operated, small enough to manuver with, and best of all, surgical accuracy is not needed to stop an intruder. In a moment of intense adrenaline, where seconds mean the difference between life and death, I would rather have a load of buckshot than one bullet to bet my life on.
    I keep a Remington 870 12 gauge at home, cost me about $280 brand new. A very popular shotgun for a great price. If you have your heart set on a handgun, then I would go to a gun shop and start asking questions and figure out what best suits you.
    I am glad you have decided to protect yourself and your family with a firearm.
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    I keep a Glock 19 with a light on the rail on my bedside table and a Mossberg 500 under my bed trigger pulled. I don't have children though and no children have actually ever been inside my house. I'd like to have the shotgun in my hands if anything ever happens but I can pick up the handgun a lot quicker.
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    As Cooter said a shotgun is always great. If you want a handgun, and are not familiar with firearms, I recommend a revolver. Revolvers are easier to learn to use. There are so many great handguns out there. One I might look at is the new Ruger 327 mag. I holds 7 rounds instead of six and has great ballistics. However, it will probably be hard to find ammo at this point. I also agree to take a handgun or self defense course. Safety is the most important aspect of gun ownership. As was said, go to a range and shoot every handgun you can. We can't decide what is best for you, only you can make that decision. God Luck. Stay safe.

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    I have a Glock 32, but I am planning on getting a Maverick 88 8-Shot Shotgun.
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    Everyone has given great advice, so all I can say is think > SHOTGUN <
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    What Hoplites said....

    Pick up every gun in the store. Narrow your decision down to the ones you like best. Shoot (rent) as many as you can, as well as taking a basic handgun course. Figure out which ones you liked best after shooting them. Narrow that selection field by price you can afford. Keep in mind that more popular pistols have greater numbers of accessories available for them. Keep that in mind when selection.

    Shotguns seem to also be favored heavily around here, too. It's hard to beat a Remington 870....take a shotgun defensive class to learn tactical uses of it.

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    I am another that is for a shotgun for home defense. they are easy to use and you don't have to be a marksman to hit what you are pointing at. there are many shotguns that are designed for home defense. as far as a pistol... as already been said in this thread there is no perfect pistol for everyone... there are hundreds to choose from so you can bet that there will be some that feel just right for you. hold as many as you can because every gun has a unique grip. so what feels comfortable for me might not feel good to you. make sure you choose a caliber that you can handle and that is also readily available in stores where ammunition is sold. once you choose on a pistol and buy it make sure you practice with it. take it to the range and get really familiar with it. when you know your pistol well then you know what to expect from it. good luck and good for you for protecting yourself!
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