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  1. I keep 1 loaded .40 in a biometric safe under my bed with 3 loaded mags. When I get dressed, the .40 goes in my belt holster and 1 mag in my front pocket, then I turn off my house alarm. At night, when I am done for the day, I set my alarm and place it back into the safe. I have kids and a really small place. I dont want to kids to find any loaded weapons, so I use the alarm as a backup. I figure if someone starts messing with my doors or windows, the alarm will alert me to get my gun. My kids knows that if the alarm goes off, they immediately come into my room with me, I grab my gun and we call 911.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daddog View Post
    I'm a good hider but not a good finder. Before leaving on a trip, I hid a gun because I had our house listed for sale and didn't want any snooper to find it. I hid it so well, that I can't remember where!
    You ARE kidding, right?

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    I think it's an excellent idea, if you can do it safely ... with only my wife and myself to worry about, I keep a gun in my nightstand, a second in the cabinet over the toilet (don't want to be caught with my pants down, so to speak, and a third in the room we use in the back of the house as an office ... I also always have a gun either in my pocket or alongside me, if I'm sitting reading or boob-tubing ... I work on the old theory that it's better to have a gun (nearby) and not need it than to have a gun and not have it (closer than the safe) ...
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