How Many of You play this Game?
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Thread: How Many of You play this Game?

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    Question How Many of You play this Game?

    I asked this question on a different forum and decided to ask it here...

    So the other morning after dropping the wife off to teach school I had some free time on my hands before the auto parts store opened, and went to a fast food place for a sandwich.

    There was only one other person in the building and while siting and eating looking over the room I as usual play the "Whats wrong with this picture" and the "What if / what are my options" game.

    So how many of you play this game when out and about?

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    I have become more aware and watchful of people. Especially when you see something that does not look quite right. Like someone wearing an overcoat in the summer time or just acting funny. Having learned to use the color codes I now see lots of things in a different light. When setting at a an eating establishment I try to set where I can see the door and where it is harder for anyone to get behind me. I have become much more of a people watcher than I used to be and I often think, "what if today is the day or this place is the place".
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    Just as where you choos to sit, the same goes for where you park your vehicle. I don't just park in the closest spot, but look around for lighting (at night) etc. I tell my wife not to park beside a large truck or van and to scan the parking lot when leaving the store or mall for anything/anyone that doesn't look right.
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    I've been a people watcher for a long time. I used to do it as a "game" but not so much as a game, now that BG's are getting more quality airtime on the evening news.

    later - Sam
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    I agree with you guys. Since I started carrying I have been a lot more aware of my surroundings. Trying to pick out and avoid possible bad spots, sit facing the door, ect. Itís also fun to sit around and see if you can spot anyone else carrying.
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    I too am much more observant than I was before I began carrying four years ago. I do not own a car, so I do a lot of walking. It's funny that before I began carrying I walked in a lot of places that I shouldn't have walked in, such as dark alleys after dark and in many crime and drug infested areas. Nowadays, if I must walk at night, I stay away from alleys and only walk down well lit main streets. I think that what helped me most, however, was my security guard training, which I found has come in handy a lot of times when I'm not at work, and which I think will continue to come in handy long after I leave the security business.

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    I do the same. I am a pretty quiet person, and when I'm out in public, I am told I always look up-tight. I am usually relaxed but vigilant. I am always assessing situations, staying aware of my exits, detaching myself from the conversation of my friends to look around and spot any suspicious things.
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    I always try to stay aware of my surroundings. even before I started carrying I've had extensive martial arts training. so since I was a teenager I've always been looking over my shoulder. staying clear of loud/annoying people in public. it's always fun going to a store with my dad too... he can spot a shoplifter from a mile away! he's just about to get his ccw too.
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    I play that game all the time. I like to run different scenarios through my head while watching people and situations.

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    I too have been a people watcher all of my life. When I was younger I have stopped thieves without thought of myself till one last confrontation in my butchers. I took on a guy 6'4" or so. Thank God he didn't come after me. So many things could have happened. I am 5' 2". My butcher called the cops, hubby and friend came to protect me and I never open my big mouth again. I got my carry permit keep quiet always follow safe practices and never take things for granted. When I practice or go over things in my head I always think about my son he is going on five. He needs me around. Nuff said!
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