Bodyguard .380 vs Ruger lcp .380 w/ laser
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Thread: Bodyguard .380 vs Ruger lcp .380 w/ laser

  1. Bodyguard .380 vs Ruger lcp .380 w/ laser

    Would like to purchase smaller pocketable pistol for summer. What do you guys/girls think.

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    Take whichever one feels more comfortable in your hand. Both pistols are very similar. Not a whole lot of difference unless you have a preference for one brand over the other. Both pistols had issues early in their production but from what I've read, the kinks have been worked out. I like my Ruger a lot.
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    I like my Ruger 380. I'm not crazy about lasers so I don't have one but each to their own.
    Very convenient pocket pistol. I use Blackhawk #2 pocket holster. W/ a laser size= ??

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    I have the bodyguard 38 spl and really like it but its a little long for pocket carry. The grip sticks out of my jeans pocket just slightly so I carry my lc9 mostly.

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    I am extremely satisfied with my laser equiped P3AT. The gun that fits you best is the best gun for you but I do recommend that, whatever "mouse" gun you choose, put a laser on it and learn to shoot aiming with the laser rather than iron sights. Accuracy will be enhanced dramatically which is beyond critical with limited stopping power rounds.

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  7. Ruger LCP

    I was recently at a CCW class and three people were shooting the Ruger LCP. Only one of them even hit the target with the LCP. One of the three was my father. After the class I shot the LCP and was not happy with it at all. My father shot again with his 9mm Springfield XD and put every shot on the target. I would make sure you shoot both of these guns before making a choice.

  8. I would suggest the Colt Mustang in .380 instead of the ones mentioned. A laser sight is a very useful accessory especially if you do not shoot a lot. As was said practice using the laser versus the iron sights and you will be able to make the neccessary shot should the need arise without hesitation.

  9. I own a lcp, it takes some getting used to. Take your time, get used to the feel. The extremely short sight radius in combination with the small grip and light weight makes aiming difficult at first. Like anything else, practice makes perfect. No fte, ftf stovepipes or any functional issues. Lcp does fine as a deep concealment/ bug gun,but I feel its a little light as a edc. Good gun though, it just takes some adjustment, practice and understanding.

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    LCP with CT laser works great for me. The Body guard feels ok to me but still prefer the lcp. As far as accuracy goes I've shot an lcp at 20 yards using the " sights" and had about a 6' spread. That was all composed slow target shooting not rapid firing. Whichever you choose just remember the basics of a firm grip and trigger control. Something most ccw class students are just now learning which may be the cause of some off the errors mentioned above. May not be just my opinion

  11. I own a Kei-Tec 380 and would recommend it as a pocket carry weapon,, I purchased it last spring and first time on shooting range I was impressed with the accuracy, all shots within a 6 inch circle. These weapons of this size is for close in shooting only, remember that and you will be good.

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