April Giveaway: Free Front Sight Training Certificate - We Have A Winner!
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Thread: April Giveaway: Free Front Sight Training Certificate - We Have A Winner!

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    April Giveaway: Free Front Sight Training Certificate - We Have A Winner!

    As I mentioned before, we will now be giving away a FREE Front Sight Training Certificate each month. This is an Expanded First Family Front Sight Course Certificate that is good for enrollment in any of the following classes:

    Two Day Defensive Handgun
    Four Day Defensive Handgun
    Two Day Tactical Shotgun
    Four Day Tactical Shotgun
    Two Day Practical Rifle
    Four Day Practical Rifle

    To win all you need to do is participate on the forums as I will be choosing an user that was active during April at random. This is a great opportunity to get some great training from Front Sight. I am a Life member myself. I'd like to thank them for donating such a great prize.

    Certificates are transferable, but not redeemable for cash, and non refundable. One certificate per person, per course when enrolling in a Four Day Course. Two people may use one certificate when enrolling in the same Two Day Course together. Certificate must be presented with a completed Application for Training. Certificate only valid for a student's first course at Front Sight and has no expiration date.

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    That is one awesome give away! Makes me want to comment/post on everything!:D

  4. thanks

    Love to have a chance to win a trip to front sight as I will be back state side for the summer. Thanks.

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    That's a great deal and thanks to Naish for contributing the certs. He da man!

    I just got back from Front Sight this past week. I took three courses and had a great time.
    Glock Armorer's Course, 2 Day DHG and 30 State CCW Course. I've taken the 4DHG before but wanted the two extra days to do some sightseeing and do some photography.

    I sent off the paper work to Utah for their CCW and will be finger printed locally for the Florida CCW next week. I have a CCW for the State of Georgia....the State with the most restrictive carry laws in the nation!

    I am also a member of FS and have two memberships. I'd like to go to Front Sight Alaska in August. Still researching that trip.

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    That Is Great Luke. I've Been Seriously Trying To Figure Out How To Go To Front Site And Take My Wife. Thanks Again Luke, You're Doing A Great Job!!!!
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  7. Thanks for the added incentive to participate in USA Carry!

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    Great Scot!

    I love this...Let's all get to work and see who makes the grade!

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    your doing a great job lukem, we all enjoy the forum. thanks
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    Can I get a drum roll please?

    And the winner is HowardCohodas! Thanks for posting. Please PM or email me the address you would like the certificate sent.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lukem View Post
    And the winner is HowardCohodas!
    What a great way to improve my day. Thank you Luke. And thank you everyone for participating thoughtfully and knowledgably in one of my favorite forums. That's what keeps me coming back.

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