Need a Manual for your Gun?
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Thread: Need a Manual for your Gun?

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    Need a Manual for your Gun?

    Free Gun Manuals in PDF form. Not all but a lot of them here!
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    Thanks Red Hat! I'm going to see if they have one for the P225 I picked up.
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    Thanks for posting the site. I am sure it will be very handy.
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    Thanks for posting. I have manuals for most of my guns, but some of the older ones I don't.

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    Thanks-- bookmarked.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Red Hat View Post
    Free Gun Manuals in PDF form. Not all but a lot of them here!
    Bravo, Red Hat. These would surely come in handy for anyone buying a used firearm that doesn't have the owner's manual. Perhaps these two sites should be stickied under one of the forums...
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