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Thread: Man Shoots Self In Leg Defending Car

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    Ok here is another "accidental shooting." I figured I'd post this because it's a good "what if" scenario. So pick apart what this guy did right/wrong and what you would have done in the same scenario.
    A man shot himself in the leg about 6 a.m. today as he wrestled with someone trying to break into his car in St. Petersburg, said George Kajtsa of the St. Petersburg Police Department.

    Kajtsa said a man at 10265 Gandy Boulevard heard his car alarm and saw a man trying to break into the vehicle. He grabbed his gun and confronted the man, and as they wrestled over the gun the car owner was shot in the leg, Kajtsa said.

    Though wounded, he kept the intruder there and called police, who arrested the intruder, Kajtsa said.

    No further details were available
    First question from prosecutor: "Why didn't you call 911 from the safety of your home"?

    Deadly force is not warranted because someone is breaking into your car.

    Just my 2cents

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    It sounds like he got vastly overconfident because of the fact that he was holding a gun, and did not realize that the perp would become aggressive. Well, he screwed up because he didn't anticipate the perp's even greater stupidity. Criminals aren't in their profession because of making good decisions - they tend to continue the trend of doing stupid things, like attack even in the face of possible death.

    A gun is by nature a distance weapon, so use it like one. If a suspect is being held at gunpoint, there's no need to get close to them. Everyone can sit and wait until the cops show up.
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