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Yeah, I've told Matt he can send it back.
How does the law work about sending guns though the mail? As I understand, it has to be a private carrier, like UPS. But UPS doesn't allow handguns? Also, at least one party has to have an FFL, and the firearm must be dissasembled and flown first day air. Is that right? I can just imagine the cost of shipping a big, heavy chunk of steel 1st day air.
I sent something back to Springfield at UPS and they did not ask for my FFL.they said that if you are sending it to the manufacturer an individual can send it(call UPS ahead and ask them,some clerks may not know all of the policies on thet).As far as Hi-Point being bad firearms,I don't think I agree.They are inexpensive,but they also do have,as previously mentioned,have a lifetime gaurantee,and they will probable pay shipping if it is a waranty issue.