Ruger SR9CC vs. Bersa BP9CC
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Thread: Ruger SR9CC vs. Bersa BP9CC

  1. Ruger SR9CC vs. Bersa BP9CC

    I have narrowed the field down to these 2. Primary consideration was price, they are in the $425 or less range. Second was size and weight, both are almost identical in all categories, That leaves me with reliability. I have read both the Bersa and the Ruger forums as well as this forum and a couple others, looking for some help. Now it's time to reach out. I grant that the Bersa is new on the market, but I can find almost no negative reviews on the BP9CC. However on the Ruger SR9C, there seem to be issues with the firing pin, light strikes, pins working loose, useless safety, etc. yet when it is operating properly it evidently is a comfortable gun to fire.
    I presently have a Bersa Thunder 380 and have had zero problems with it, but it has been on the market for several years. The BP9CC comes with only one magazine and factory mags are $45 ea. whereas the Ruger comes with 2 magazines. I guess my biggest concern is this: Has Ruger fixed the issues, or are they still shipping guns that will have to be returned? I have handled both guns, but have not fired either, both are comfortable, both have a similar trigger pull.

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    I have an SR9c and the SR40c. Haven't had any issues at all. Ruger's customer service is great. If Ruger comes out with an SR45c, I will own one of them too.

    Don't know anything about the Bersa so I can't comment on which is better. Sorry, not much help.

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  4. Actually you are a help. I really like the SR9c, but have read so much about problems that I'm afraid I'll buy one and have some sort of problem and loose confidence and not carry it. Unfortunately, I am not a patient man when it comes to things mechanical. It either works exactly as it should, or it's gone. I realize anything manufactured is open to problems, I was just hoping to hear from someone that Ruger is aware of them and has corrected them. That may be a little too much to ask.

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    I got my SR9c in Dec with a late 2011 manufacture date. I have put close to 1000 rounds through it. I have fed it blunt nosed reloads, hollow points, +P+.....this thing eats everything. I run a patch down the barrel after every range trip and break it down every few hundred rounds and clean it. I have had zero issues.

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    I picked up the SR9c for the wife on the recommendation of the gun shop owner, he said the recoil seemed to be lighter on this gun compared to other 9mm guns of the same size. I was a little skeptical at first but after comparing it to my G26 it is a joy to shoot. The extended mag makes a big difference but the gun is still easy to control with the short mag. I would probably use it as a concealed carry if I could get it away from the wife she has placed claim on it and tells me to keep my hands off.

  7. I've had the BP9CC for a couple of months now and couldn't be happier with it. Only issue I had with it was when firing the initial magazine of WWB 115gr - had 4 FTEs out of 8 rounds. Followed that up with 150 Federal American Eagle 124gr without a hiccup. Back to the WWB and no problems. Have had zero issues since that first mag. Others have mentioned that it doesn't care for the WWB as well.
    This pistol is very comfortable to shoot (and CCW.) Many this size will leave you feeling it in your hand after a couple of boxes of ammo at the range. Not this one. It does have a VERY light trigger with an extremely short reset that you may or may not like, depending on your preferences.
    The BP9CC is now my EDC weapon. At $350 new, it's a steal.
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  8. Thanks KirkG. I did choose the BP9CC and have absolutely no regrets. Like you I found it comfortable to shoot, so far I have put a couple hundred rounds through it, but all have been Blazer alum. Not one problem of any kind. No dis-respect to Ruger, or any Ruger owners, the BP9CC just felt better in my hand, the size and shape looked like it would be easier to conceal. I have to admit, going from a DS/SA trigger to the BP's trigger took a little adjustment, but remembering that the primary safety on the BP is keeping your finger off the trigger, is no different than the SA side of the DA/SA until I use the de-cock. It's all in the mind. And, of course, practice, practice, practice, gain and maintain profiency.

  9. I bought an SR9c and love it. It has been entirely dependable. I love the safety features on it (though some might find them redundant) and it's flexibility in the types of magazines (flat, curved, full size). I don't think you can go wrong with getting one.

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    I also purchased an SR9c and really like it, 400 rounds thru it with no problems. I must admit the Bersa BP 9cc is a really nice gun, but the reason I went with the SR9c was because it had a manual safety. Enjoy your Bersa!

  11. JJW - Congrats on the new Bersa! Glad to hear that you let your hand decide and not your head as the hand seems to know immediately what pistol is the right one while the head is still spinning with information.
    When I was first looking for a single-stack 9mm for summer carry, I did a lot of research online. I was set on buying a Walther PPS. Went to the local gun show and picked one up and it did not give me that warm, fuzzy feeling. I WANTED to love it but it felt like a brick in my hand. I decided to wander around for a bit and stumbled onto the Bersa. I didn't even know the model existed but when I picked it up, I knew.
    I always recommend that people decide with their hand, not their head. MUCH better results!

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