25M range photos of berm
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Thread: 25M range photos of berm

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    25M range photos of berm


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    Congrats! Looks great. :duim: I only see one problem but I'll have to come over and shoot..... I mean show you what needs fixed. :msn-biggrin:
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    Very nice. Congratulations again.

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    Looks good. How about some pictures of you and the kids enjoying the range.
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    Looooking Goooood! That is nice. I wish you and your sons many hours of fun with it.
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    Wow! You guys moved a lot of dirt! Enjoy the time together. :)

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    Sha Sha Sha Nan aaaaa gins!

    good job, shananagins revoked! By the way i work with fester so thats why im always razz'n him, hes my biacth here at work and now on the net as well. zing!

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    very nice! I'm jealous
    You can have my freedom as soon as I'm done with it!!!

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