"Unregistered Antique Gun Was Used in Shootings"
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Thread: "Unregistered Antique Gun Was Used in Shootings"

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    "Unregistered Antique Gun Was Used in Shootings"

    Found this posted on another forum. Sadly, it is not very positive for gun owners.


    There are many sides to this story, but I think a lot of people screwed up here. From the state to the parents themselves.

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    Sad, there are alot of disturbed individuals out there. People tend to blame it on the guns, but in most cases, the suspect would have used another weapon if it weren't for the gun.

    I think this guy was planning on commiting suicide after the shooting, why else would he have the note in his pocket?
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  4. Cooter you are so right. I to think he was going to kill himself but lost his nerve. If there were no gun it would have still happened. Very very sad
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