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Thread: Anybody have to deal with overly jumpy cops

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    Thanks HK4U for clarifying that situation. I walk away today with a bit more knowledge.

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    I agree that if I were an officer, I would feel more secure knowing that said individual provided all identifying material. I will now provide that information if such a situation occurs again. I will also, move slowly and keep my hands visible on steering wheel (For my own safety).

  3. In a place like New York, I could understand this sort of response. If it was in a "Shall Issue" State I would call the Agency to lodge a complaint. What will most likely happen, if it's a "shall issue" state is that the Officer will receive some remedial training.

    Take care and stay safe.


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    i was in our local sheriff's office talking to a city leo, a county leo, and a state trooper about traffic stops. neither the local or the county had any problems with concealed carry. the state trooper on the other had was quite different. he said that when he found out you were carrying( by you ) he would draw his weapon on you and seperate you from your weapon until he was done. the other leo's and were shocked at his response. they oviously have no sop's for stopping ccw permit holders. it raises alot of what if's. what if your children are in the vehicle and the leo that you have taught you children are good guys stops you and draws his weapon on you. can you imagine the shock and fright on them? all departments need to sop's on this so the ccw holder knows what to expect and his family members.
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