Gun Control Poll...I Was Surprised...
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Thread: Gun Control Poll...I Was Surprised...

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    Gun Control Poll...I Was Surprised...

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    Don't believe it for a second. It's a liberal conspiracy. They just want you to think they support the 2A so they can sneak around in the darkness of night and take away your guns (and probably rape your women too.)

    To protect yourself from their propaganda you should start each morning singing a few verses of "Their coming to take my guns away ha ha, their coming to take my guns away, ho ho he he ha ha..."

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    I would give this more creedence if I had seen it reported anywhere but the Huffington Post.

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    Don't you just love these idiots?

    "Americans do hold to this idea that people should be allowed to defend themselves and using deadly force is fine, in those circumstances," said pollster Chris Jackson. "In the theoretical ... there's a certain tolerance of vigilantism."
    The dufus actually thinks that defending yourself is vigilantism.
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    Kinda like the "Fast and Furious" scandal- the one that was an Eric Holder/Obama scheme to draw the public into phony idea that black market gun trafficking higher than it actually is?

  7. This is actually a Reuters article not a HP piece so I tend to give it some weight.

  8. Don't let your guard down! There are many who want to take your guns and will use every opportunity to do so!

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