What 9mm or 40 caliber conceal and carry handgun to buy?
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Thread: What 9mm or 40 caliber conceal and carry handgun to buy?

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    Question What 9mm or 40 caliber conceal and carry handgun to buy?

    Hi All! I'm looking to purchase a 9mm or 40 caliber conceal and carry handgun. I'd appreciate your advice on make and model options with pros and cons and also what to avoid. I have larger hands but am okay going with a smaller grip for a quality gun. Thanks for all your advice! Much appreciated!

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    I have the XDm 9 mm compact. It's a great gun. Small magazine holds 13 rds and large mag holds 19. No problems so far.

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    There is a website called: best9mm.com. It shows compact 9mm handguns, price, short description, and even video for 9mm's for concealed carry.

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    I like the M&P compacts, they feel good in my hand and conceal easy for me. My advice is to find a gun that feels good to you. What works for me may be poor advice for you. My two cents.
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    Glock 27 smallest glock 23 medium (good cc weapon) glock 22 larger I own a 22 And a 27 both are very good guns. They are all 40s glock 19 is a good 9 cc weapon

  7. Glock 27 all the way for me. It's small, 40S&W, easily concealed, and best of all it's a Glock :D

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    I now pack the XD 40 sub, 3.8" barrel. With the extended mag it holds 12 and gives you more to grab ahold of.

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    Depends on how you plan to carry it. IWB, OWB, or possibly even pocket carry. I have a sprinfield XDM 9mm compact, it carries very well OWB (I don't like IWB at all, it's simply not comfortable regardless of what holster I try and I know it's supposed to be comforting not comfortable, but that method for me is just plain painful, my back muscles just tighten up) Although I did find that if I use an IWB holster but wear it between my belt and pants, it conceals (bulge wise) equally as well, you just need a longer shirt to cover the bottom of the holster. I also carry a HK 45c using the previously mentioned method. But most often I carry a Ruger LCP (.380) in a pocket. VERY easy to carry you literally don't know it's there. IF the LC9 had been out at the time I got the LCP, I would have gone that route. The last time I was in a gun shop I checked one out and it fit in the pocket of the shorts I was wearing with no problem, jeans I'm not so sure, but it is small enough to carry all 3 ways with comfort. If I were only getting ONE conceal carry gun that one would probably be it. There are pros and cons to every firearm, but if you want to comfortably carry all day, the lighter, thinner, and less bulky the better. Plus the price on the LC9 is great, you're only looking at about $350 brand new. And if this is your first, trust me, you'll get more lol....

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    My primary CC is a Sig Pro 2022 in .40. Light, fairly small, accurate, and reliable (cost was real low for a Sig Sauer too). I also have a P9R (9x19), but it's a little bigger. For years I carried the FEG PA-63 and R61, both in 9x18MAK. The PA-63 is Walther PP size and the R61 is PPK size. I have MagSafe and custom factory loaded CorBon's for the 9x18MAK.

  11. My edc is a XD subcompact in .40 great firearm, have about 500 rounds through it with out any issues. Call around your area and find a gun shop that will let you rent a gun. Try a few out and see what is comfortable to you. Congrats on your future purchase.

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