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    A few months ago I purchased a Ruger LC9. At the time of the purchase I had read reviews online with the overwhelming majority of them being positive. While being very happy with the pistol, it seems somewhat unknown. Am I not looking in the right places or talking to the correct people? Or is it because it is still a relatively new gun still?

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    Try here:
    Elsie Pea Forum - The #1 Ruger LCP Owner Forum and Information Source
    Mostly LCP but a lot of LC9 discussion too.

  4. Hugely popular in the single stack class of carry guns. I have loved mine and it splits time with my LCP from Ruger.

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    Hugely popular in the single stack class of carry guns. I have loved mine and it splits time with my LCP from Ruger.
    Same here...LC9 and LCP and sometimes both! Both are great guns!
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    I have both an LCP and LC9. They are excellent firearms for CC in the summer here in Nevada.

    As mentioned above, the Elsie Pea forum is an excellent source of expertise on both weapons.

    When I feel the need for a bit more firepower (North Las Vegas comes to mind), I carry a Glock 19 with either the LCP or LC9 tucked in my 5.11 vest as a BUG.

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    I have a LC-9 that I purchased a couple months ago. It's a great little gun and a lot of fun to shoot. There are some upgrades you can do for it too. Here's a link: Ruger SR9, Galloway Precision Asheville, NC Home Galloway Precision is a company that makes LC-9 trigger upgrades, spring kits, stainless steel guide rods, etc, etc, etc. They also show you how to eliminate that pesky magazine safety feature. There are videos on the website that show you how to install all of their upgrades. The trigger kit is cool, it doesn't lighten the pull but it shortens the pull which should improve shooter accurracy. I have the trigger upgrade but I haven't installed it yet. I like the gun because it fits nicely inside my motorcycle vest without printing. I installed a slip-on Hoague rubber grip and it improves the feel of the grip. Happy Shooting!
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