somthing on My leather IWB
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Thread: somthing on My leather IWB

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    somthing on My leather IWB

    I noticet somthing that looks like mold on my galco summer comfort IWB holster yesterday. Is that normal? is there a way to get it off and keep it from comming back? I didn't notice it before, but I don't know how long it's been like that any help would be appreciated.

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    Just send that Galco to me and I'll dispose of it!!!!!

    Try a Lysol product they will kill mold. Then saddle soap clean it. Then neatsfoot oil. Then send it to me to evaluate (long term) I'll let you know how good ya did in a couple of years.

    Caution LYSOL may stain the leather... but it will kill the mold.:39:

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    It's a natural color hopefully it won't stain. Is that Normal though or is it somthing that I might have done?

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    Are there any brass rivets or snaps close to the stain? Brass in leather will tend to corrode a greenish color. A good leather conditioner or oil will help.
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