Associations and Supporters - Who gets your money???
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Thread: Associations and Supporters - Who gets your money???

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    Associations and Supporters - Who gets your money???

    I am looking for associations or supporters that make a difference (and maybe ones to stay away from). I support the NRA and just joined the Second Amendment Foundation yesterday. I am considering joining the Gun Owners of America. Plus I listen to a lot of podcast on the Gun Rights Radio Network and I want to send them a few bucks to support all their gun podcasts. Who is worth supporting and who should I stay away from??

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    If you live in NC, I highly recommend GRNC which is the best gun rights advocate in NC. I also recommend GOA, Second Amendment Foundation, Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms and Guns Save Lives. GOA(Gun Owners of America) is much better than the NRA in providing updates and facts on current policies that affect our Right to Bear Arms. An additional group is Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership(JPFO). These are all worthy of our support.

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    Thanks for your input Blacksheep! I will look into your other recomendations.

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    I agree with Blacksheep on his choices. And then $25 for Bronze supporter of USA Carry is inexpensive for what they provide on information to gunowners.

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    I agree arpjoe. I also looked at USCCA, but I just could not justify the price for membership. I figured it was better to spread some money to a few good organization instead of just one.

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