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  1. I had a PT145 Millennium Pro and loved it. I still don't understand how they made it so small and light and still shot so well. Out of all the guns I've had to give up over the years, it's the only one I would think of purchasing again.

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    Primary carry is G26, but I also have a TCP 738 as a BUG and depending on things, primary. Never had a bit of trouble with it (but do know others who did). My advice...do not consider these high volume shooting guns...practice with it sparingly to stay proficient, but do not put 100 rounds through it in a weekly basis - those I know with problems have usually done so.
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    I believe that Taurus QC is spotty. They seem to do better with wheel gun than with semi-autos. That said, I have a 606 that I like a lot.
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    I've had a TCP738 for about 2 years now. I originally bought it as a BUG and also for summer carry. I like it so well, now I carry it all the time and feel real good with it. I want to buy another 738 for ankle carry on one side and 2 mags on other ankle. That'll give me 2 guns with a total of 28 rounds. Should be sufficient.

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    You know.
    Taurus has made lots of changes in there pocess and they are comming up with some dang good quality products.

    I have a Taurus PT111 Millenium and I just love it...!

    SO I hear you loud and clear sir.

    now on the Chevy...I'm just going to call you out on it.

    Ford....Like a rock...!

    and I owe my life to a Navy medic....so, I like the core.

    Like I tell my students. Keep an open mind and use what it works.
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    PT 1911 here in stainless with no problems. It is now the backup gun to the Sig C3 1911.
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  8. Had a Taurus pt99... awesome gun, albeit a bit big. In fact my fiance was set on a Millennium Pro so we borrowed her brother's to shoot, and the trigger sucked and FTF after 10 rounds. She does not want a Taurus now. They are decent, but I think we will be shopping for a different brand for her. I tried to like Taurus but couldn't.

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    Party pooper here. I wish I could share your excitement of the Taurus, but after a PT111 Millennium Pro, and a TCP 738, I simply cannot. They were both fairly accurate guns...when they worked. And I absolutely loved the TCP for CC, but did not trust it to fire without malfunctioning. I am happy that your Taurus guns work for you, but for me thank goodness there are other brand choices.

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    I originally got a taurus 24/7 oss ds tactical as my carry pistol because of the higher capacity over my 1911 and since them I've been hooked. This year I got the wife a PT111 for valentines day and myself a PT 140. Love all three and I now concider myself a Taurus guy over any other brand.
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  11. Btw...

    By the way, I play an Alvarez guitar, not a Gibson. (But I'll admit I would like a Gibson or Taylor)

    I play a banjo made in S. Korea, because the Gibsons cost as much as a small car.

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