My daughters shootin'
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Thread: My daughters shootin'

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    Talking My daughters shootin'

    The first pic is my 8 yo daughter @ 25 yds with a henry .38/.357 lever gun. The second is her bedroom wall. She loves to shoot my 4" Taurus model 66 with full .357 mag 158 gr SJSP loads because "it makes lots of fire shoot out" and the Henry with 180 gr FPJ because she can "feel them when she shoots". I'm so proud of her. It makes a grown 38 yo man want to cry :mp160603224922jps:.
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    Very impressive!
    You must be proud,and rightly so.
    Give everybody guns.
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    Cool Very Nice!

    I love when kids shoot because they grow up a lot more responsible and a lot less in trouble! Great job Pop!:icon_cheers:

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    There are a lot of grown men and women out there that wished they could shoot that good. I'd cry too, you have a lot to be proud of.
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    You've got a daughter to be proud of; you show true evidence of being a great father.

    Enjoy you time with her--she'll grow up all too soon...
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    We need more citizens raised around firearms
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    Good for her. I know you are proud.
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    Nice! She shots better then a lot of the people I see at the range. Like most have said your doing a great job and have reason to be proud!
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    That would make any dad proud. Nice group too.
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    Very nice. Obviously, you spend a lot of time with your daughter. I think lack of parent time is the big problem with todays children. I am sure she'll grow up to be a great woman. :D

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