Ruger LC9 trigger bar and hammer
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Thread: Ruger LC9 trigger bar and hammer

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    Ruger LC9 trigger bar and hammer

    What's the consensus on replacing trigger bar and hammer on LC9 with Galloway's drop in kit? Just got LC9 last week and want to tighten up trigger pull.

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    If you do not get the information you are looking for here, you may try the Ruger Forum. There is a lot of information and comments about Galloway's products and most of it is positive.

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    I installed in mind and it works great.
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    I looked into changing the trigger pull on my LC9 too. Since I use it as a concealed carry weapon I decided not to make that change. Some of the podcast I listen to and articles I read suggested that if I were involved in a defensive shooting the non-factory spec changes could work against me in court. I did not want a bunch of people holding my gun saying "wow, I barely touched it and it went off." Not to mention a lawyer saying I modified my gun to make it a killing machine. I decided not to, but it is up to you. The next gun I get for carry will have a shorter trigger pull. Other than that I really like the gun are carry it everyday. I just practiced and got use to the length of pull.

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    Just got my LC9 the other day and plan on shooting it tomorrow. Been looking forward since April 1 when my name was pulled for giveaway. Seems like a nice carry piece.

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    Congratulations echoawake! If you buy an extra mag, get it with the extension.
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    I installed the Galloway trigger bar and hammer on my LC9. It cut my group size in half due to the improved trigger pull. It is still about the same weight pull but breaks sooner. The mod also shortens hammer travel.This hasn't been a problem for me when using quality ammo with boxer primers. I get a soft strike now with cheap Eastern European ammo with hard Berdan primers. Once I use up all my cheap steel cased ammo I will only use better quality brass cased ammo with Boxer primers.

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