Shooting in a safety class . . .
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Thread: Shooting in a safety class . . .

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    Shooting in a safety class . . .

    I guess someone was not paying attention to the instructor.

    ROANOKE, Va. (AP) - A Roanoke, Va., man and his wife were recovering after he accidentally shot himself and her during a firearms safety class.

    Here is the article link if you want to read it.
    Va. couple accidentally shot at gun safety class - ABC27 WHTM

    Who do you guys find fault with on this??

  3. Well it's his fault my guns always loaded in my holster has been for months until I clean n oil it ... I've never shot my hand

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    So is that an automatic fail? LOL

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    Since I wasn't there I can only say ammo should never be allowed in the classroom. I do not allow students to bring their guns in to the classroom and any gun I have is made inert during classroom training. Functioning firearms and live ammunition belong on the range, not the classroom.

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    So proud that our little town made the news.....

  7. Not so safe the safety class IMHO.

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    Lesson #1;
    Always make sure that the firearm is UNLOADED.

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    The students never should have been allowed to handle loaded firearms in the classroom.
    The instructor should have had all firearms placed on a table and cleared of all ammo.
    All ammo should have then been removed from the room.
    The firearms should then only be handled by the student under direct supervision of the instructor.
    The instructor should take full blame for an incident like this.
    He never should have left the room when there are inexperienced students with loaded firearms.
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  10. Yes, I agree that the instructor should have removed ANY chance that one of the guns could fire. He also should have conducted a stupid scan and removed at least one student.
    Shouldn't an individual considered to be an adult have some responsibility?????? No amount of precaution can prevent stupidity. That individual was hardwired to do something stupid with a gun sooner or later. My immediate reaction after seeing he wasn't seriously injured would have been to beat the crap out of him(if I could). A few good clubbings helps relieve the stupid buildup.

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    All very interesting comments that I agree with. Did anyone notice this in the article.

    "The incident occurred Saturday during a firearms safety class at a residence."

    I wonder where the class was being taught? At the instructors house or the students???

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