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  1. I'm with the group that advised using the crowbar before speaking.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wilber View Post
    No need for the clerk to say anything to the BG...just grab the crowbar and whack him! IMHO self defense from an inplied threat...IF the clerk felt threatned.
    And we have a winner.

    Leave the taglines to Sean Connery and Bruce Willis... at least until AFTER you've split your assailant's skull.

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    As all them anti's would say.

    I think the clerk should'nt have used self defense to counter violence. He should've spoken in a soft voice to the BG or to be politically correct GG. Maybe the guy just wanted to talk. Maybe he had a bad childhood. Then as Obama would say to be fair it's okay to give a little extra money to the poor guy. Business greed that's it.

    I say screw it. Whack that A hole so hard he becomes a tube fed slum.

    What now I'm to harsh? Screw it I guess it never ends.

    This world can be a very harsh place. I tell you what. I'm not bending over for no one.

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