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Thread: Instant Background Check? Really?

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    Everyone in Nevada needs to go through a background check unless they have a CFP that was issued after July 1, 2011. It costs $25 for each check. The system has been crashing more and more so what used to take 5 minutes waiting for the okay, can take hours when the system goes down. Nevada is a POC state so it doesn't do the FBI check, but its own so it has different hours and equipment. At least when I renew my permit in three years I won't have to worry about the check. Going to be a long three years.

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    I just scanned all the other replies and didn't see this, but could you be a victim if identity theft? It is happening all the time. No, I don't sell lifelock or whatever its called, lol
    "My reading of history convinces me that most bad government results from too much government" - Thomas Jefferson

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    In Idaho if you have CWL just fill out paperwork and out the door no call .

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    Gee, I bought a new handgun just yesterday and it was about a 1 min check time, the call went through on a couple of rings and almost immediately after the cales person finished my info they got the OK. Been that way for all the guns I have bought over many years.

    If you are getting a NO, then you need to find out why, the store CAN put you on line with the operator at the other end, they HAVE to tell you why.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NavyLCDR View Post
    Nope. Erroneous information. 27 CFR (Code of Federal Regulations) 478.102 paragraph (d) provides for carry permits that meet certain requirements can be used to waive the NICS check so long as the valid permit is possessed by the purchaser.
    Don't have my CC permit, yet. If I remember correctly the dealer didn't do a check on me, it was performed by the Sheriff's office when I got my purchase permit.
    This is in NC.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by 24ever:305177
    I concur Charlie, my Missouri purchases take @ 5 minutes, including the background ck phone call. I do, however, understand Firefly's frustration. If we had a righteous government and criminal justice system, we would not have background checks. 100 years ago, you brought your gun to school and set it in the back of the classroom. On your way home, you shot dinner.
    Actually, 30 years ago I brought my 22 rifle on the school bus to participate on rifle club after school. I was 17 years old

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    Rand was a great author who lived the government lie in Europe. The movie created from her writings, "The Fountainhead" with Gary Cooper is one of my favorites.

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    I'll take your advice Monday to see if I can get an answer. Could not get one Thursday when this occurred.

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    There is no NICS number or anything else on the back of a Missouri CCW license. There is a digitized scan bar and donor information on the back the same as a MO drivers license. The CCW license number is the same as the Missouri Drivers license number. Front shows expiration date of 4/15/2015 which means date of issue was 4/16/2012. Tried to pick up the pistol on 4/26, less than 10 days later. I'm guessing the FBI check and the Sheriff's Dept check for the CCW put up a red flag on the IBC. I'll find out Monday. The CCW was $100 of which $65 goes to the Sheriffs Department but that's fodder for another thread.

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    I wouldn't be a bit surprised. I've had my email hacked before.

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