Instant Background Check? Really?
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Thread: Instant Background Check? Really?

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    Instant Background Check? Really?

    OK, I know there are tons of gun owners who have had to put up with this, but why should we have to?
    Just purchased a new P9 online. When my new lovechild showed up at the local gun shop I went to pick it up and bring the little bundle home. Could I do that? Noooo! Background check nixed my plans. I had a spanking-new Conceal Carry License for MO and have not had so much as a ticket for more than 15 years and never had a felony charge. But Uncle Sam has the power to stink up the program and offers no explanations when it does. Why is the DEA and Justice Department can allow Mexican Drug Cartels to buy US weaponry and take it back to Mexico and at the same time deny or delay me my right to purchase a legal firearm? What can gun-owners do about what seems to me to be an abuse of power?

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    Because they can. They really don't want you to have them at all. Having them makes you harder for them to manage.
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    I've never spent more than 5 minutes getting a background check when I buy a new gun.

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    I concur Charlie, my Missouri purchases take @ 5 minutes, including the background ck phone call. I do, however, understand Firefly's frustration. If we had a righteous government and criminal justice system, we would not have background checks. 100 years ago, you brought your gun to school and set it in the back of the classroom. On your way home, you shot dinner.

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    I live in Idaho and have a CCW permit, so I don`t have to go through a back ground check when I buy a gun here.

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    Firefly...I bought my very first gun, a Bersa Thunder 380 and I had to have a background check. I wasn't a citizen then. It did not take even 12 hours. We live about 20 minutes from the gun store I purchased it from and when we got home, we got a message from the gun store in our answering machine that I was approved. When we reached the store the guy said they got my approval 5 minutes before we left the store. I do not mind a background check. And I've had quite a few of them from being an "alien" as they call me then. If I did not get my citizenship, I will be still considered an "alien"...either from the word "alienate" or from outer Venus. When my husband buys a gun, being an American-born and raised, all he shows is his driver's license. (And of course pay for the gun.)

    I know it is frustrating to understand the many laws of MO, but most of them are good. We are very good at immigration laws too here. I do not mind background checks nor profiling. It works. It is the Fed's laws that is most confusing, not the local laws. Way before I became a legal alien (then citizen) I also used to ask why the illegals from any country can enter Mexico or Canada and then just walks freely to this country whereas I have to have a passport and return ticket to be able to come here and stay even just for two days. A simple background check is nothing compared to how the TSA made me suffer everytime I travel without my husband just because I came here twice that one week before I became a legal "alien" .
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    Here's what I'm going thru, it might help resolve the issue in the future.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 24ever View Post
    100 years ago, you brought your gun to school and set it in the back of the classroom. On your way home, you shot dinner.

    LOL I know there is a joke in there somewhere...
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    i have a permit for IN. and still have to go through the 5- 10 min. background check. it does not even matter that you have a permit in this state same checks for every body

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    A government that grants right also can deny them with force if needed. Good luck with resolving the issue.
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