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  1. A Little Gun Prose for The Gun Pros

    I came up with this little rhyme while putting around on my John Deere lawn tractor today. It might be the allergy meds but I feel totally uninhibited in submitting it here because nobody really knows who I am. I only crank one of these out about once every ten years so I apoligize to my english teachers if it isn't formatically correct. Feel free to grade it for content and originality though. Most of all, I hope you enjoy it.

    "Guns Are Like Shoes" by TheDoaner

    Thereís hundreds of forums that you can peruse.
    Itís commonly queried, ďWhich gun should I choose?Ē
    To answer your question
    ďGuns are like shoes.Ē

    The latest, the greatest, and some awfully neat.
    All utterly worthless if they donít fit your feet.

    Youíve read the reviews,
    Youíve been to the store.
    Youíve asked all your buddies,
    And youíre more confused than before.

    So many brands
    And features to choose.
    Follow me here,
    Because guns are like shoes.

    We all have to walk
    Before we can run.
    Itís true with shoes
    As well as the gun.

    I run three to six miles about four days a week.
    Often in darkness and sometimes in sleet.
    Yet I canít make it home,
    If the shoes donít fit my feet.

    Where will you be
    And what will you wear?
    Questions I ponder
    When I pick a pair.

    Will they go with a jacket
    For a night on the town?
    Will they go with t-shirt
    For just messing around?

    Do you spend most of your time
    In a car or a chair?
    Things to consider
    When picking a pair.

    All the good brands
    Have quality controls.
    They offer the same sizes
    Yet they use different molds.

    Machined or hand crafted?
    Some of you care.
    But if they donít comfortably fit,
    Why even go there?

    There are some great for driving,
    Some great for the house.
    Some cost so much
    That you wonít tell your spouse.

    They make tons of models
    For both you and me.
    I must limit my choices
    To around size 11D.

    Air Jordans are great!
    If youíve got MJís skills.
    But not in the office
    Or roaming the hills.

    All will last longer,
    If you clean and protect.
    But some will better take torture,
    And a little neglect.

    The shelves are all full.
    Which model to choose?
    Are you starting to see
    That guns are like shoes?

    You can have more than one model.
    It isnít a sin.
    But before you wear them all day,
    Please break them in.

    Thereís some for the country
    And some for the street.
    Why ask hundreds of strangers,
    Whatís best for your feet?

    Iíve got several full closets,
    Yes, Iíve spent some dough.
    But the ones that fit great
    I just canít let go.

    I have lots of practical, tactical
    And some waterproof makes.
    Then thereís that one purchase,
    I made just for snakes.

    There are plenty of opinions.
    You can read what they say.
    But let fit, feel and function
    Show you the way.

    It may be in fashion
    It may have some flash.
    If youíll never wear it,
    It ainít worth the cash.

    I hope youíre enlightened,
    Or at least entertained.
    One common question
    Now uniquely explained.

    Accessorize wisely,
    Whatever you choose.
    For itís just one more way
    That guns are like shoes!

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    Glad to know someone else lets their mind wander around while cutting the grass. And your point is very well taken.
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