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    Curious, does anyone know what is required to transport a handgun into Canada?

    Planning to take a cross country family trip which includes a 3 day detour into Ontario Canada and don't want to have to leave my gun at home.

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    Not positive but do not think you can.

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    A tank! Canada would be a great place if it weren't for all of those Canadians running around!

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    Real simple answer Don't. I spent many a dollar on expensive hunts in Canada years ago. Not one more penny after spending an hour parked due to an NRA sticker on Truck.

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    Any suggestions then? Or should I just go without gun for 2 1/2 weeks

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    Handguns are a BIG NO NO in Canada. Do NOT take your handgun into Canada! But they will let you take MOST(not all) long guns providing you complete the proper paperwork. There is a website dealing with vistors traveling in Canada and part of it deals with firearms. There are 3 classes of firearms, prohibited (most handguns,fully automatics), restricted (long barreled handguns, certain long guns), and the ones you can bring in. Check the guns you have to make sure they are OK, fill out the simple form, pay the money($25) at the customs station and your in. The form serves as your registration. It isnt hard but OBEY EVERY LAW TO THE LETTER! On the form there is a section with reasons why you want to carry a gun. Self defence is not on the list. However 'protection from wild animals' is. The idea is if you are camping in remote areas you then have protection.
    Sorry I do not have that website address in front of me. You can also go to the NRA website and follow the links to visiting Canada and their laws. Its not really that hard. But again obey every law, RKBA doesnt apply in Canada.

  8. About 10 years ago the wife & I spent a month exploring the great northwest in our motor home, including a week in Canada. We were visiting a number a friends in Washington who were firearms enthusiasts so we brought along several and assorted guns of our own. Before we headed for the border we carefully cased and locked all of our guns and ammo and locked them away in our friends closet. Well, upon inspection, they found a few (3-4) loose .22 long rifle cartridges that were rolling around loose in a drawer. Well, that did it! We were held at the border for three hours while they went through the rig looking for contraband.

    They called our friends to verify our story about leaving the guns in the closet. The problem was, our friends didn't see the guns go into the cases so they couldn't swear they were guns although they could feel through the soft cases that they felt like guns, were in gun cases, etc., but they didn't have a key for the cases.

    Finally, they decided to believe us and graciously allowed us to keep our pepper spray-sealed in evidence bags to be kept sealed until we left the country. They also lectured us about how horrible it must be to live in such fear that we needed guns and pepper spray to feel safe. But then they were concerned that we were trying to illegally immigrate! That's when my wife lost it and read them the riot act about how she was proud to be an American and descendant of the original patriots that founded our country and couldn't understand why anyone would want to live in Canada! Well, that convinced them. We were allowed to enter but by then we had missed our ferry and had to change our plans.

    Long story but the lesson is that they take the gun laws very seriously. If you attempt to take one in you'd better cross your T's and dot all your I's. I would contact them well ahead of time for their protocols, and get everything in writing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Malachi View Post
    Curious, does anyone know what is required to transport a handgun into Canada?
    An arm, leg, and your first-born son.

    Handguns with a barrel less than 4" are completely prohibited. Permits (that must be applied for well in advance of your trip) are needed for for all others, then the pistol must be "secured" so tightly for transportation that you'd think you were in NJ or NYC. You'd be better off carrying a brick for self-defense.
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    In 2002 I traveled through Canada to Alaska. Before going I checked with the Canada Firearms Centre, the official gov't agency that regulates firearms. At that time you could not bring a handgun in under most circumstances except maybe for organized scheduled competition. I did download and filled out a Firearms License Application from their website that permitted me to bring in a rifle or shotgun, no semi autos, temporarily. It cost about $50 US, and assisted me to get through Canada checkpoints easily. I would present my D/L, Passport, and the Firearm License, and they were very courteous and said "Have a nice trip." When you get to the first Canada border crossing you complete the app, a background check is conducted, etc, takes about 45 mins. Here is the link: The Canadian Firearms Center is a Canadian Federal Government Institution. You can contact the Canadian Firearms Center at 1-800-731-4000 or visit Royal Canadian Mounted Police - Canadian Firearms Program | Gendarmerie royale du Canada - Programme canadien des armes feu for more info and the application.

    A recently retired police officer I know, carried a few pistols in his car enroute to work on the pipeline. He denied he had any weapons, so they searched his car, found them, impounded his car, and arrested him. DO NOT BRING PISTOLS TO CANADA, and be truthful of what you are bringing in. On the application, check "wildlife protection" if that is why you are bringing the firearm. There were 3 bear attacks, near me, in one month in Alaska when I went, so I'm glad I had the 12 gauge, Mossberg pump with me when fishing.
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    Hmmmmmm.....I'm thinking it may be a good idea to just rent some kind of lock box in Detroit to leave my pistol in before crossing into Canada.

    Thanks to all for the warnings . I didn't realize Canada was THAT strict on handguns.

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