Taurus PT 709 or Ruger LC9?
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Thread: Taurus PT 709 or Ruger LC9?

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    Taurus PT 709 or Ruger LC9?

    I am thinking of buying either a Taurus PT709 or a Ruger LC9 can anyone who has fired or owns these guns comment on their ability?

    Feel good in the hand?
    Or anything else/

    Thank you

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    I'd never rely on a Taurus for safety and self defense unless I had no other choice. You do have a choice.

    Go with the Ruger. Or S&W. Or Glock. Or Springfield........
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    The hardware is the same, but the software is vastly different.

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    If you want a reliable 9 mm. Check out the Glocks. Very reliable & available in different sizes
    Between the two you mentioned i would go with Ruger.

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    709 felt good in the hand after a hogue grip. Stovepiped twice when a friend of mine was shooting it. He was limpwristing it. Accuracy? Lol yeah kind of accurate but just a self defense/get off me gun. It does have a thumb safety so the trigger pull Is substantially shorter than my LCP. I haven't shot and lc9, I have only held one.

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    I have a LC9 and have shot about 300 rounds through it and ave found it to be very reliable and accurate. The only to get used to was the long pull of the trigger due to it being a DAO semi. Really like the size for conceal also. Have not shot the Taurus so cannot comment.

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    Sorry about my spelling.

  8. I chose the LC9 for tuckability. So thin, reliable & cost effective to deny.
    I find it a little top heavy feeling in my hand, but this isn't a target/range pistol. However, you will want to practice enough, with it's long trigger pull, to stay accurate.
    I use a Theis IWB and carry it every day.

  9. Regarding your list, I can comment about my decision to by the PT-709.

    Feel good in the hand - not even close...the 709 felt much better.
    Accurate - it's very consistent for me
    Reliable - it eats just about any kind of ammunition, and it especially likes my Hornady CD cartridges.
    Recoil - kicks pretty good, but controlable.

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    I have read that you can change the hammer and something for the trigger so the LC9 trigger only travels halfway before firing.

    I have read some good reviews on the Taurus but am not sure on the reliability and people say the Taurus customer service is not that good if you have to send it in for work.

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    You shouldn't alter the trigger on a gun you carry, the LCP has a purpose built trigger its supposed to have a long pull to help keep you on target in a emergency situation when you jerk the trigger.

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