Taurus judge ?
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Thread: Taurus judge ?

  1. Taurus judge ?

    Would that be a good SHTF gun ?

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    depends on what kind of shyt hit what kind of fan
    gun control is being able to hit your target

  4. Normal either zombie or idk race or like something bad and had to basicly run to try to get away ... Basicly any given SHTF ... Figure a duel either .410 or .45 long would stop stuff in it tracks one shot possibly two most

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    Let's see .......... ineffective .410 or hard to find .45 colt .......... not to mention it's a big honking short barreled revolver that's slow to load. It's a POS in my opinion.

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  6. Winchester makes .410 shells with buckshot. That would be great to prevent a carjack. Smith & Wesson makes one called the Governor that holds six rounds compared to five.

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    And the Governor chambers .45ACP in addition to .410 and .45 long colt.

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    the Judge seems to be more of a novelty item than anything else. It seems cool but is it really practical for anything other than a perfect gun for the old style gangsters back in the day? Maybe if you are an old time mobster, you could make good use but for today, It just seems to be more of a novelty

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    I have the Judge and it's more of an oddity than a go to gun for BS eradication. The Winchester PDX1 .410 loads in it are awesome and tear the bejesus out of a B27 target at 15yrds. As for the .45LC...not a terribly difficult round to find, but not cheap either. The gun is a beast and heavy enough to double as a boat anchor if need be.
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    I like to carry one out in the woods for snakes. Pretty damn handy for that.

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    I don't think it is legit in a self defense shooting while CCW'ing when using the 410. Am I correct in saying that? In Oklahoma, we can't use larger than a .45, and doesn't mention shotgun shells.
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