How Can People Be This Stupid And Still Breathe ?
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Thread: How Can People Be This Stupid And Still Breathe ?

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    How Can People Be This Stupid And Still Breathe ?

    I told my wife after this that people like this guy are the reason I will not ride a motorcycle w/out a gun (or a helmet)

    I know I’ve addressed this here before but people like this just amaze me. I was out for a ride on my bike today, I was coming up to an intersection where I had the right of way and as I entered the inter section these to little thugs in their thugmobile pull up to the intersection, the driver looks right at me yells "F**K you !!!" and pulls right out in front of me, and when I say right in front of me I mean right in front of me as in I was doing about 30mph and had to slam on the brakes to avoid driving into the side of his car. And believe me he knew that's what I was going to have to do to not hit him.

    When I was 13 years old I watched a friend of mine get all his upper front teeth taken out by a guy with a crow bar who didn’t like something me friend said to him as he drove by in his car.

    When I was 25 years old I had some maniac chase me down I-5 in Tacoma in the middle of the night because he felt that I cut him off on an empty 6 lane interstate and took exception to it.

    When I was 9 years old I got my ass beat in front of my house by a guy who didn't like me throwing rocks into the street while he was driving his car by. This instance in particular stayed with me because of the viciousness of his attack. He never said a word, just slammed on the brakes and had me on the ground whaling on me before I even realized what was happening or even why it was hapening.

    I learned at an early age you never know when you’re going to win the psycho lottery and trifle with the one person you never should have trifled with.

    There are people in this world that would have shot that idiot dead this morning for doing what he did and “disrespecting” them like that and gone right along with their business never giving it a second thought.

    Do people not think of things like that before they do some of the stupid things they do? Is it because I carry a gun that I give things like that some thought?
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    This is the society we live in today. Respect for others is not taught in the home or schools. It's all what's in it for me. I'm in a hurry get out of the way.
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    I have watched my friend on his bike, dent doors on cars. As they come into his lane he kicks the **** out of them, then dives into the other lane. Seen it a few times.

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    There are those azzhats out there who seem to do as they please. What was your response to them? Did you say anything back? My guess is that you were smart enough to just let it go. When you ride a bike, you just have to let things go. A 350-800 pound motorcycle is no match for 4,000-6,000 pounds of car, gun or not.

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    He probably just didn't like the color of your bike. People (in the general sense of the word) are absolute idiots. It's why I always park my car in an end spot, and as close to the curb as I can.

    Flip 'em the bird and die like a Viking, and all that.
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    Yeah, You never know when you will come across an A-hole. You just have to keep your cool and hope you don't have to send someone to meet their maker.
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    Call 911 and report them, or dial *CSP and report them.

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    Strange how some folks think and act..

    Glad you were able to stop....I also ride a bike.
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    I drove over the road for a year and a half. One would not believe what I witnessed in that year and a half. The two most ridiculous were: a car passing me in the emergency lane because apparently the car in the left lane passing me was not going fast enough and a motorcycle passing between me and a car that was passing me.

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    mellophonium, when I was on vacation in France, pretty much every motorcycle rode the lines between cars. We'd be doing 70, and they'd fly between us and the car next to us doing at least 100.

    I once saw a guy shaving AND reading the newspaper. Saw a lady blow drying her hair, and countless others putting on eye makeup in the rear view mirror.
    Owner of Applied Perspective, specializing in laser engraving and fine art photography
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