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Thread: Firearm Quality Glock 27 vs LCP?

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    I would pick the 1911.
    A better question might have had a 1911
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    I own and carry both. Glock hands down. Like others have said it is hard to compare the two since they are different size, caliber etc; but the Glock is much higher quality.

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    Wow, thank you all for your comments. I was interested in the quality perspective mostly, because I own a G27 and am thinking about getting something smaller. I have previously purchased years ago an AMT .380 "backup", and frankly it was a piece of $%#@, so I was wondering if the LCP would be any better? I know the quality of the G27.

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    Like most have said I have both and I both are great guns. If a B.G was trying to break down the door the first gun I would grab would be the Glock 27.
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    I carry a G26 IWB and have an LCP in my front pocket (in Blackhawk #1).

    As others have already said, the two pistols are nowhere near the same, so comparison is hardly possible. However, "In Glock I trust."
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