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Thread: another clean window.

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    another clean window.

    I found this a little amusing, a few months back I walked into the convenience store down the road from my work place to get a pop. I saw the no concealed handgun allowed sign on the door mixed in with a bunch of hip hop stickers and no shoes no shirt no service sign in the door and window. The only thing was the sticker was backwards. so i told the cashier that your sticker is facing wrong way. he asked "why you packing? HAHA". i said no i cant at work but i do carry openly and waiting on conceled permit to come in. Basiclly, him And I chat when the store is not full so our conversations is never hostile. But I gave him some things to think about by explain what that sign does and does not do in north carolina. We both left conversation like all our others, happy to see you talk to you later. well i havent been back in a few weeks and there the first thing i see is a clean window. No sticker of any kind except NO shoe NO shirt NO service. thought some of you might like this story.
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    Nicely done. Sounds you logically and in a non-threatening way converted someone with some solid education.
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    A little bit of education goes a long way...I am glad you did it and the store owner complied.
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    That's great, misunderstood! Proud of you!

    There are supposedly signs like that in Cheyenne and a few other citified places, but none where I live except at the "Senior Center" here in town. I tried to talk to them, but the person in charge is a silly old biddy who thinks the world revolves around her and her "feelings." I just don't bother going in there.
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    Good job! Maybe the gentleman will go so far as to obtain a weapon and permit of his own based on your conversation. That would be a feather in your cap indeed!

  7. Great job. You need to change your name from misunderstood to understood.

  8. Congrats!

    Great Job on the turnaround! Maybe you can suggest to him to fill that space in the window with another sign:

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