Good CC article in the Denver Post
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Thread: Good CC article in the Denver Post

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    Good CC article in the Denver Post

    I woke up this morning to this front page article. The poll suprised me and the comments are mostly pro gun. It's a little long but a good read

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    Seems well balanced - not something I'm ussed to seeing in main stream print.

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    It is a very well rounded article. Thanks for sharing it.

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    Yes, a little more balanced than what we normally see from the media. Not completely pro gun but not overtly anti either. With the media spin the way it is I guess that is about as good as we can expect.
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    "Schools are a gun-free zone? The bad guy doesn't care about that. Nineteen of the 32 people killed at Virginia Tech were old enough to have a concealed-carry weapon."

    nice to see at least some of the things we say on here all the time.
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  7. You know its about time that some real sats came out. this is a very good read and has some very good information in it. thanks for the post.
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    Great article, thanks a lot.

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