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I heard of a NYC undercover cop who lubed his revolver with WD40.

He was assaulted in a subway. Little did he know his primers were dead from the lube.

He pointed at his assailant and heard that dread sound-CLICK!

The assailant passed out in terror. Gunfight won!

Same principle as you mentioned.

I would prefer to stack the odds more in my favor by using a weapon that can rapidly incapacitate them rather than HOPE they lose interest in the fight!

I agree with that totally as far as stacking the odds in my favor, just trying to point out that in real life you never know and it is the exceptions that get you killed. A local deputy pulled out his Glock .40 to defend himself firing one shot into the BG. The GLOCK jammed and the deputy wasn't able to get a second shot off. The BG put a beating on the deputy before passing out. There is all the anecdotal evidence in the world to support any opinion you want. The only one that really matters in the one that happens to you.