just found a great video on the power of a .22
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Thread: just found a great video on the power of a .22

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    just found a great video on the power of a .22

    This should answer some of the debates out there about how lethal a .22 can be. I had no doubts but I see a lot of arguments out there doubting the .22

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    Here is another interesting presentation on the topic from a colorful expert:

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    Both are fun videos to watch.

    I don't want to get shot with anything.


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    Yup... the .22 is a lethal weapon. A well placed round from any gun is lethal. (Including a BB gun and NO I don't want to get shot by one.) Like the man said, "If you get hit in the abdomen you will die with out medical attention..... It might even take you out of the fight." I think I will stick with a .45 and a my more favorite version of .22 - a .223 AR style. Might be a little hard on a squirrel, but it will bring most other two and four legged critters down without too much problem.
    Interesting video though....

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    It all comes down to selecting the right tool for the right job.

    If we're talking about survival in a disaster or any other sort of WROL (without rule of law) situation, then yes, a .22LR rifle with a few thousand rounds is an invaluable tool in your arsenal.

    If we're talking about a discreet little pocket gun that will put holes in a mugger or other opportunistic attacker, or for use in a relatively low-risk environment (which applies to most of us), then yes, a .22LR or .22 short pocket pistol is a nice little tool to have. They also make great back-up guns.

    But - if you're talking about an all-purpose gun for a moderate-to-high risk environment, meant to stop anyone from an opportunistic mugger to a drug-taking psychopath who isn't easily deterred by a little flash / bang / puncture...then you really want to go with a higher caliber firearm. Even guys who are hopped up on painkillers will stop attacking when their organs start failing due to massive tissue damage and hemorrhage.
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    Both videos are good and in the second video I think that he made a great point that gets totally ignored by most people when talking about stopping power and arguing about effectiveness. The study he quoted was based on stopping power being when thee BG is no longer willing to fight. Isn't that what stopping power is all about. In a large number of cases just the sight of a gun is enough to stop the BG and one shot is definitely enough to change his mind. There is no argument about the "kill" power of the .22 vs. the .40 or .45 but the intent is to stop the threat and any gun will certainly change the dynamics of the situation.

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    Not sure what the point is----if it is not just a rock (and a rock well placed can kill you also), it is a given that a 22 can hurt, disturb and kill you video or not. If there is one advantage to a 22 pistol, particularly for someone who is not a fairly well trained firearm person, the recoil is low enough that accuracy is much higher than a corresponding higher calibre cartridge. I happen to have a 5.7X28 pistol, which has a lo recoil fairly close to a 22 but with velocities over 2000 fps and designer ammo that is designed for all kinds of self/home defense, it goes one step closer to being a more effective killer calibre.

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    Nothing new here.

    Sure a guy will bleed to death with a 22LR hit. More likely than not, he will maintain the ability to kill you long before that!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Bighouse Doc View Post
    Nothing new here.

    Sure a guy will bleed to death with a 22LR hit. More likely than not, he will maintain the ability to kill you long before that!

    I think that was the point of the second video is that he will maintain the ability to kill you but not the will to kill you. Once shot most will turn their attention on themselves rather than on you. Of course you may always run into the exception that either does not even feel the shot nor realize that they have been shot due to some strange, usually drug induced, reason. With those it really doesn't matter whether it is a .22 or .45 they will not stop until they are beyond the ability to function (dead).

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    I heard of a NYC undercover cop who lubed his revolver with WD40.

    He was assaulted in a subway. Little did he know his primers were dead from the lube.

    He pointed at his assailant and heard that dread sound-CLICK!

    The assailant passed out in terror. Gunfight won!

    Same principle as you mentioned.

    I would prefer to stack the odds more in my favor by using a weapon that can rapidly incapacitate them rather than HOPE they lose interest in the fight!


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