My first hoplophobe encounter
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Thread: My first hoplophobe encounter

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    Angry My first hoplophobe encounter

    Okay, so I'm waiting for the NASCAR All-Star race to start and decide I haven't gone out and shot the guns in a while so I grabbed the .380 and .40 with one magazine each and went out to the side of the house. My son-in-law built me a nice target stand last Christmas and it's on the side of the house and backs up to a 10+ foot berm. (I live outside city limits of a small city in Western North Carolina. My property is about 2/3 acre and have a 10+ foot dirt 'wall' on one side of my house and in the backyard.)
    I get done shooting, holster the gun and start heading back inside. I look up to the street (probably 100 ft away) and there's a neighbor standing next to her car. that's stopped in the middle of the street. She's on the phone yelling at me to "put the gun down". I yell back at her that I'm not holding a gun (remember, it's holstered). She continues to yell at me, with her phone to her ear, ... "put the gun down". I just turned and walked into the house, put the guns away and walked back out to the porch. She's gone, so what do I do next???
    I call 911, tell them that "a neighbor just called 911 on me and before the Sheriff arrives I want you to know I'm a legally armed citizen, my guns are now stowed in the house, and I was NOT pointing a gun at anybody". The dispatcher gets my info, asks if I was target shooting and that the complaint was someone shooting randomly and says that he'll let the responding officer know and thanks me for calling.

    Nothing for me to do but sit on the porch waiting for the Sheriff to show up. 15 minutes or so have gone by since she called 911 and a Sheriff's car drives by the house and I waved, addresses out here aren't marked very well, and he continued to drive by. I figured he was on his way to talk to the nosy hoplophobe neighbor, so I went back into the house and asked my 12 yr old son if he wanted a lesson in handgun laws and how ignorant people react to guns. He joins me on the porch and we wait.

    The Sheriff finally shows and stops his car in the street at the top of my driveway. I walk down the ramp up to my porch, grab my shirt pull it up and make a 360 to show the officer I don't have a gun on me. Before you all 'flame' me for doing that (my son did, he said "Dad, put your shirt down", I told him I just want the officer to know I'm unarmed to put him at ease), I did it out of respect for the officer since all he really knows is that some hysterical lady called 911 about a neighbor shooting their gun "randomly".

    The officer calmly walks down my driveway, asks me if I was target shooting and acknowledges that I was doing nothing wrong and he had informed the neighbor of this fact. He thanks me for stowing the guns before he arrived and lets me know, again, that I was doing nothing wrong and they have to respond to all 911 calls. I told him I understood and have no problem with that. Before he leaves, he tells me that if I have any more problems, don't hesitate to call because he's there to serve ME as well as the neighbor.

    Now, for the questions I have no answer:
    If you hate/fear guns so much, when you hear gun shots would you hop in your car drive AROUND the block and stop in front of the person with the gun?? The officer didn't understand this either as he told me he had no idea what she was thinking 'cause if he was her he wouldn't have done that.

    This lady stopped out in front of my house MONTHS ago as my son and I were out practicing. When I saw her I just waved and she drove on. What was different about this time? I waited for the Sheriff to show up then and they never did.

    This stupid B***H knows me!! She's the receptionist at a dentist I went to numerous times last year! She lives on the OTHER side of the "loop" I live on. We have fired guns at out house NUMEROUS times over the past year. What changed??

    Sorry so lengthy, just thought I'd share.

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    If the cops had to respond any time someone is doing some target shooting they would have to double the force. There are a bunch of libs around here fighting a new range they are trying to open so I guess the neighborhood is changing for the worse.

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    Sounds like a classic dumb, liberal, female-dog, but at least the cop was nice. I would have got his info and told his supervisor that you really appreciated the way he handled it. People have a habit of only giving feedback to supervisors when the police do something wrong, not when they handle a situation nicely.

    I'd probably just flip her off next time I saw her, let her know how I feel about her.

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    she could be getting alzheimers? :) either way, at least its a sign that your'e not living in 'da hood', where shots are just ignored.

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    You handled the situation well. The officer deserves kudos as well. A nice note to the PD would go along way.

  7. LOL.. I'm a "hoplo..something"! I have a neighbor somewhere that has exploding targets, and whenever he's out shooting I want to hop in my car and go find him so I can shoot with him :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by araczynski View Post
    she could be getting alzheimers? :) either way, at least its a sign that your'e not living in 'da hood', where shots are just ignored.
    The funny thing is, we hear gunshots all the time in our "neck of the woods" as people hunt, sight rifles, or practice (just like I was doing). I moved out of Virginia Beach to enjoy my freedoms along with getting my son out of the "city" life.

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    If you really want to screw with her, get some tannerite and shoot that in your back yard and see what she does then.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ghost Rider View Post
    If you really want to screw with her, get some tannerite and shoot that in your back yard and see what she does then.
    She will probably s hit in her pants! You are mean... Is it allowable to shoot tannerite in your backyard or is there a limit as to how big your backyard is before one can use it?
    "Don't let the door hit ya where the dawg shudda bit ya!"
    G'day and Glock

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    @ ToddR - Hopefully you had extra ammunition with you when you were done target shooting. The end of your practice could be the perfect time for criminals to rob you and take your firearms.

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