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  1. Thumbs up walther PK 380

    I just recived my new Walther PK380, brought my 13 year old daughter and I went to the range last night to shoot the new Wather. WHAT A AWESOME GUN. It is very smooth with managable recoil for a smaller shooter. Out of the box it is way more accurate than my SR9C Ruger. My main carry is the SR9C but now with the Walthers, my Ruger may see more safe time.

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    Wait 'til ya get the P22 to practice with, they're a great matched set!

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    I bought 2 PK380s for my daughters and the P22 for my wife. VERY good investment!!

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    I love mine. (Plus 15 characters).

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    You just can't go wrong with any Walther product. The only problems I've ever had with them is the Walther PPK/S I had. It's slide tolerances were so tight, it would drag on the frame and then FTF. I sent the gun back to Walther/S&W and they put a new slide on it and it hasn't failed me yet.
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    I have 2 also, one for my wife and one for me. They are both fed Speer Gold Dot Ammo. I have never had a FTF or FTE from either one. They are some of the most accurate weapons out of the box that I have ever owned.

  8. Glad to hear you had a great time with yours. I have a P99 and PK380, I like both, and if I wanted to carry a full size poly, I'd take my P99. For now, my XD40 Sub-C has earned it's place in my IWB.

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