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  1. If a firearm is already pointed at you it wouldn't matter if your firearm was on your hip or pocket. That having been said, people aren't trained to think you have a gun just because your hands are in your pocket. Too many scenarios to count but being armed is better than not. What you carry is your option

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    I carry a G26 when I can wear a shirt out, and a Kahr PM9 in the pocket when I need to be more formal. The Kahr is exceptionally accurate and very easy to conceal with almost anything except tight Levis with small pockets (and then the Kahr can go into my Remora which converts to ankle holster...)

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    The LCP is certainly a worthwhile choice to try out at a local range. However, with the recent release of the S&W M&P Shield lineup, I might look into those as well. Another $100 or so but not a whole lot bigger. Another favorite would be any of the Kahr PM or MK models. Very reliable and accurate, though pricey compared to the LCP and Shield line. More often than not, I pack a Kahr MK40 w/night sights. As mentioned by some others, for a quick trip to the store, the LCP might make the trip. Usually the LCP travels as backup to the MK40 or EMP40. If I want a really small package and lightweight, I grab my NAA Black Widow loaded with 5 rounds of Hornady 22WMR 45grain FTX ammo. It weighs an ounce less than the LCP without ammo; approximately 2 -3 ounces less when loaded, depending on the ammo. The LCP is about 12oz. ounces fully (6rnds) loaded (more if you carry the +one chambered), the Black Widow 9 1/2oz (5rnds). It may only be a 22, but the Magnum rounds pack a reasonable punch for close range shooting.

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    My Bersa FireStorm .380 is very easy to conceal. It is also one of the most accurate handguns I've ever shot. A couple of well placed .380s will do the same to a BG that any other pistolo. Well placed is the key. Mouse gun? Tain't necessarily so. But then it all comes down to what one likes and is comfortable with. I've heard that Bersas are like opinions... everybody oughta have one. (grins)
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    I carry either a Ruger LC9 (9mm) or a Sig P238 (.380) in my front pocket.

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  7. How hot is it? How do people around you dress? And what do you do for a living?
    Today it was 108 in Phoenix AZ an in this city dress is casual at best. This makes it a little hard to conceal my 4.25 inch Commander.
    Another way to look at it is how would you conceal that Glock 17 if your job was a roofer in the desert South West?

  8. I carry or have carried full size Colts down to the LCP. What you carry will depend on your concealment options. Carry what you feel comfortable with and are accurate with. Carrying a 45 does no good if you can't hit your target or if you are always leaving it at home because of the weight. The small caliber vs. large caliber argument has been done to death and will always be debated , however; I have still not found a volunteer to stand in front of me and take 7 rounds from my LCP in the chest and still say it is not a good carry option.

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    Everybody's differant I can't comfortably carry a jframe revolver in most cases, to thick. I have a friend who wears a sig 9mm double stack, with his build, he pulls it off. I carry a Bersa .380cc everyday, I wouldn't want to wearuch bigger.

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    How about Kel Tek P32 with laser. The laser is imperceptible on the gun and so thin that it adds no width whatsover. Close range defense with a well sighted laser is all you need. The small caliber will arrest the attack, unless the attacker is a grizzly bear.

  11. How small a carry?

    My fave is my Ruger LCP .380. It's small, light and easily concealable. I've carried a Glock 9mm and the Ruger SP 101 38 with the crimson trace in the grip. The SP is my first choice, but it's heavier and not as easily concealed on a smaller person. It takes a bigger purse or holster. I also have the Taurus slim 9mm. I keep going back to the smaller, lighter .380. Self defense is usually close, so I figure it will do the job. The kick is more, but you will be expecting that.

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