City of Detroit declares lights out for thousands of residents
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Thread: City of Detroit declares lights out for thousands of residents

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    City of Detroit declares lights out for thousands of residents

    Got this off MSN this am.

    A huge part of Motor City is about to go dark. Officials in Detroit have a plan to get the area's residents to live in a smaller space within the city by shutting off nearly half of the streetlights. The city's population is less than half what it was back in 1960, and almost 40 percent of its existing 88,000 street lights don't work. The cash-strapped city can't afford to fix them, and the initiative would save nearly $10 million a year. Maintaining a smaller city would help ease the strain on services like police and public transportation. However, the city can't force residents to move, and many feel the encroaching darkness will be a welcome environment to criminals.

    Does anybody else see something wrong with this? Violence in the MotorCity is bad enough with the lights on! Wanna bet there will be a spike in CCW permits and gun sales?

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    Other cities in the rust belt have been moving people in closer to city centers and turning the suburbs back into farmland. Saves them money by not having to maintain infrastructure. Youngstown, OH and Flint, MI are two examples.
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    Trying to "contract" the city is a good idea. But it needs to be done the right way. Start with revitalizing the city center, and create incentives for existing residents on the outskirts to move inwards. Then as the outskirt neighborhoods are vacated, start condemning, bulldozing, and rezoning to "rural residential" etc.

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    closer to the city , farther from me...sounds good!

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    simple math, pay more taxes, or do with less. at least they're doing the responsible thing, unlike the numbnuts all over europe and washington d.c.

    maybe they should stop giving everyone tax breaks (read: corporations, since they're now 'people' too, with feelings), as soon as the tax breaks expire, the companies bolt to a different location to get new tax breaks, or china.

  8. Lived in the bad part of Detroit once... lasted 3 months. BAD was and even more so now a huge understatement.

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    Sounds like a muggers dream come true .
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    If they want to save money, they should keep the lights on and cut the pay of the jackasses in the city government that put them in the position they're in.
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    Let's look at how Detroit got to this point? Who's policies have been implemented though out the years?
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