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  1. Shotgun question

    I am in the market for a good 12 gauge pump action shot gun and was wondering what would be a reasonably priced one to purchase. I am basically getting it so me and my dad will be able to go to meat shoots and occassional range shooting. I'm looking to stay under the $350 range so I know I'm not going to get a top of the line gun, I just want something so me and my dad can get some bonding time. I've mainly owned handguns so it would be nice to be able to take him to a turkey shoot and have some good American fun. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    I Love my Mossberg 500!!! I got , I think for a little over $300. Darn good shotgun for HD.
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    Th remington 870 is a proven performer. Also check the used market you can get a better grade gun used!
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    For that budget, you can get TWO Mossberg 500s, used. Or better yet, get ONE used Mossberg 500, and buy an extra barrel or two for it. (Maybe an 18.5 inch cylinder bore for home defense, and a 24 inch with choke of some kind for shooting skeet etc? You choose..)
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    It's hard to go wrong with either a Mossy or the R870!


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    I love my Mossberg 500 too.

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    A new Mossberg 500 or Remington 870 Express can be found for $300-350 easily. You can even find them in lightly used for $200-250. I'd suggest a lightly used one in 24-28" and then adding an 18-20" barrel to make it multi-purpose (hunting/skeet and defense).
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    Watch Big 5's ads. They rotate their loss leaders, and Mossberg 500s and 590s come up about every 4-6 weeks (YMMV). They offer the 500 Persuader or standard model with 28" and 18" bbls for a bit over $300, so you can choose between a tactical 8-shot HD gun and a 5-shot gun with a sporting bbl. I like mine.
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  10. Thank you for all your responces. I went to one of the local gun shops this morning and found a mossberg 535 ats that i really like but I'm going to do a little more shopping around before I deside what to go with. I told my dad the reason behind me wanting a shotgun and I think it almost brought him to tears. He's already called twice because he's been doing research online about the mossbergs and the remington 870's. It looks like he's a little excited lol. Thanks again though on all you responces

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    That is a very nice thought for having a gun -- bonding time with your dad...No one can beat that. You're a good kid.
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