My approved Firearms Qualification Affidavit has no expiration date. is it permanent?
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Thread: My approved Firearms Qualification Affidavit has no expiration date. is it permanent?

  1. Cool My approved Firearms Qualification Affidavit has no expiration date. is it permanent?

    Question 1
    So, Took and passed the above when applying for 2 non res ccw's which I did get. since I completed the above tests and was found to demonstrated proficiency in the safe handling and use of firearms revolvers/& semi auto's and passed firing score. I assume since this affidavit has no expiration date, That it does not expire?.
    Question 2, if the above does not expire , Can it be used again for applying for another state non res ccw?
    I have shorten questions, see if anyone get's my questions? lol

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    I don't really understand your question, if it was a question, but it could be my fault since I'm drinking beer and watching my OKC Thunder playoff game, but, in Oklahoma, the Firearms Safety Course (as we call it) is only good for two years.
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    Something is missing somewhere and it must be your location. Maybe we can understand you better if you put your location in your profile. So you took a firearm qualification....where? from where? You are applying for non-resident ccw to where?
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    I'm dazed and confused as well, BUT one would think that once you've completed a coarse of study that you would not need to repeat unless you've shown cause for remedial education. OR as MOM states, your State or the State you're applying to requires occasional remedial education.
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    I am just glad we have no such burdensome requirements in Washington State! The ability to answer a few questions (not even sure if English is required for that), provide fingerprints and write a check for $52.50 is all that is required in Washington for a license to conceal the pistol that you can carry openly without the license.
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    No, the certificate of completion for a training class or firearms qualification does not expire. It is nothing more that proof that you took and successfully completed that particular course or qualification.

    Depending on your state, it may only count as valid proof of training for a limited period of time. But that has nothing to do with when you completed the class, that has to do with the state requirement for training. Some states do not require any training, some require training within the last two years, some within the last five years, and I am sure there are others with different requirements as well.

    Check your states training requirements to see how often they require training/qualification.

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