Man Shoots, Kills Fetus by Mistake While Showing Handgun to Pregnant Teenager
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Thread: Man Shoots, Kills Fetus by Mistake While Showing Handgun to Pregnant Teenager

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    Man Shoots, Kills Fetus by Mistake While Showing Handgun to Pregnant Teenager

    Guns should not be outlawed but the right for some people to breed should.,2933,...national/crime

    MARRERO, La. A 19-year-old man was booked in the death of a fetus after he accidentally shot a pregnant woman and killed her unborn baby, authorities said.

    Wilbert L. Luke Jr. shot Shawntell Walker, 17, in the abdomen Sunday while he was showing her a handgun, Jefferson Parish sheriff's deputies said.

    Luke drove Walker, who was 22 weeks pregnant, to West Jefferson Medical Center, said sheriff's spokesman Col. John Fortunato. The fetus died during surgery, he said.

    A .22-caliber handgun recovered from Luke had been stolen in St. Tammany Parish, Fortunato said. Luke said he bought the gun on the streets about a year ago, Fortunato said.

    Luke was booked with third-degree feticide and possession of a stolen firearm.
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    Very sad to hear about the baby. Unfortunately the baby had to pay for the stupidity and irresponsibility of another. Not to mention how many laws this kid was in violation of!
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    Yeah, that's really sad.
    At least I learned a new word today: 'feticide'
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    very sad. hope they don't go easy on him.
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    That is truly unfortunate.

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    Feticide? Now there's an interesting term that looks like it was designed to hold people, with the exception of abortion doctors, accountable for murdering an unborn child.

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