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Thread: Concealed carry badges?

  1. Oh, NO! I like to believe in monsters. Think of this thread as
    "The Thing That Couldn't Die" or some other wonderful undead creature that just won't quit..
    Locking the thread would spoil all that fun.
    “The police of a State should never be stronger or better armed than the citizenry. An armed citizenry, willing to fight is the foundation of civil freedom.” Heinlein

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    Locking the thread would spoil all that fun.
    + 1 on that.

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    Hello TexasGun:
    Not LEO but am NRA Instructor for CHP/CCWP and suggest that you do not carry a badge. Check the NRA web store and order one of thier very nice Conceald Handgun permit wallets as they have a large NRA medallion on the face that looks very offical.
    Bill Weaver

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    Quote Originally Posted by Widowerks View Post
    Hello TexasGun:
    Not LEO but am NRA Instructor for CHP/CCWP and suggest that you do not carry a badge. Check the NRA web store and order one of thier very nice Conceald Handgun permit wallets as they have a large NRA medallion on the face that looks very offical.
    Bill Weaver
    So a CHP badge is bad but a fake CHP badge is OK? I don't get it
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    Then Jesus asked them, "When I sent you without purse, bag, or CCW badge, did you lack anything?"

    "Nothing," they answered.

    And Jesus said, "But now if you have a purse, take it, and also a rifle, and if you don't have a rifle, sell your cloak and purchace a Winchester lever action.

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    CCW Badge

    As a former Police Officer, detective, and Chief of Police, I would highly discourage carrying a badge if you are not law enforcement.

    Yes, Security Officers frequently wear badges while in uniform, but they usually do not carry the badge when off duty. Security represents a limited scope of authority, and most can detain, even while using force to effect the detainment, but unlike most law enforcement, once they are off duty, they have no authority other than a private citizen.

    Most states has statutes regarding impersonating a law enforcement officer. A reasonable person seeing you flash a badge while carrying a gun would logically assume that you are a cop.

    If you want to carry a badge then get employment that requires a badge. Otherwise stay away from it. It will only cause you problems.

    There are legitimate reasons for non law enforcement to carry badges, as there are several different levels and scopes of authority. Bail Agents, Security Officers, and other types of positions that may require that a person is detained or apprehended may need the badge as part of the scope of their authority.

    A private citizen has no need to carry a badge. It is generally seen as a "wanna be" and considered bad taste.

    I now work as a contract guard for the federal government and carry a gun and wear a uniform daily. When off federal property and off duty, I have no more authority than the kid bagging groceries.

    Carrying a gun is for us to be enabled to protect ourselves and our loved ones. It has nothing to do with badges or other tactical clothing that wanna be people wear in order to boost their ego.

    Too Many people do not understand the. Novelty phase of carrying a weapon, and clearly do not understand the concept of being "covert" as opposed to being "overt". We all go through it, but need to grow put of it.

    CCW is a right that can be taken from us if too many immature people keep doing foolish things regarding carrying concealed.

    If you are defending yourself and shoot someone, once able, you should be calling the police yourself and reporting the incident. Give the dispatcher you description, tell them you are carrying a gun, and ask them for directions of what you need to do. When the police arrive, your gun should be secured away from you if possible and you should keep your hands visible at all times, remain calm, and follow their commands.

    You may be placed in handcuffs and even arrested. Stay calm and always request your attorney prior to agreeing to any questioning if you are being charged with a crime.

    Simply put, if it's not a job requirement, you have no reason carrying a badge.

    If your state requires them then of course comply.



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    We don't need no stinking badges.

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    I already have one, it is called my CCW permit. ;-)

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    No badges unless you are a LEO in my opinion...... Here is what it says on the FLorida CCW website.............

    The Division does not endorse these badges, but they are not illegal. There is nothing in Florida law that specifically prohibits companies from offering to sell these badges to Florida license holders, nor is there any provision that prohibits license holders from carrying such badges.

    License holders should be aware that the use of official badges is prohibited in Florida Statutes in a couple of places. Section 30.46 specifies that a badge in the shape of a five-pointed star can be used by Florida sheriffs and deputy sheriffs only. Section 843.085 makes it unlawful to wear or display any authorized indicia of authority (including any badge) which could deceive a reasonable person into believing that such item is authorized by any federal, state, county, or municipal law enforcement agency.

    Licensees should also take note that these badges do not substitute for identification or confirmation of your status as a holder of a Florida Concealed Weapon or Firearm License. Only the license issued by the Division will serve as a means of identifying a citizen as a license holder.

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