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Thread: Concealed carry badges?

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    Quote Originally Posted by RJT CCW View Post
    13 pages, two year old thread, Cool!

    Oops! I just added to the fun.
    Thank you for discovering the joy of making fun of CCW badges. Now that you have discovered this new skill, you will be able to entertain other members here on USACarry.

  3. Re: Concealed carry badges

    One would think that the badge could be good or bad.

    Pros: Make others feel at ease if they did see your weapon(especially for full size carriers), gives LEO on or off duty the ability to know who is armed, Perps are less likely to attempt any criminal activity if the presense of any badge is apparent(they don't need to read it just see it, the human mind is hardwired to associate any badge with LE***not impersonating***

    Cons: Some immature weekend warriors will act a fool and pretend they are LEOs however many of these people actually aren't even carrying a weapon. Also they may be times when you approached as a LEO but thats where honesty comes in and you tell them you cannot assist them.

    IMO some of the threads are more like assaults on others opinion rather than advise which is what this site is for. I understand that some opinions are very strong. In reguards to looking like a bada** rent-a-cop the majority of them wear a uniform.

    Scenerio: Your at the local grocery store and you catch a quick glimpse of a gun and beside it you see a badge but you couldn't read it. Chances are most of you and your peers will assume that person is related to some kind of LE, however that person never said of acted like they were they were just carrying out there day to day lives as you do, but you will not give that person a second glance because you mind is made up, if you do then it's possible that you are too concerned with others.

    Same situation except for this time you were planned on robbing the clerk. You see the same gun and badge, chances are you will not attempt to act out any criminal activity. That man could have potentially saved a life or several.
    Please post real PROS and CONS to this post I am curious to know more.

  4. I think concealed carry badges are a bad idea and I also think private investigators carrying badges is a bad idea. Matter of fact, I believe only LEO's should have badges and here's why.

    It is way too easy to be confused with being a Police Officer and or being accused of impersonating a Police Officer.

    Being misidentified as a Police Officer could get you killed if the one who misidentifies you is out to "get a cop".

    Being misidentified as LEO by the average citizen could also become a problem when they come to you for help, in an emergency, and then you have to tell them you are not LEO and you have no more authority than they do. They are excited or in fear at the time and would most likely have an adverse reaction to you or your inaction at the moment. They are looking for help and will only think you are playing "cop". Won't go over well with the real cops when they show up either.

    The whole idea behind concealed carry is just that "CONCEALED". No one is supposed to know you are carrying, if at all possible. I'll concede that at times a person may notice your weapon or a bulge on your hip but the circumstances you are in at the moment will determine how you respond to anyone's questions. Just be prepared to explain in a calm voice.

    The last thing you need on the street is to have an excited citizen, or a pissed off punk, tell the Police you identified yourself as a cop and flashed a badge at them. When the Police stop you and you have that badge hanging on your belt like a cop than they have visual proof that what the citizen or punk told them is true and there is a good chance you may find yourself in handcuffs and going for a ride. Its your word against the citizen or the punk and the Police have all the evidence they need hanging right there on your belt. Cops don't like folks who pretend to be them. Doesn't matter if you are guilty or not you still have to prove it. That can get expensive. Lawyers ain't cheap.

    Maybe carry some type of business card you can give folks if they question you that indicates you have a legal CCW permit and why. Something to show your support for the 2nd Amendment and why the 2nd makes all the other Amendments possible. Firearm safety rules. Local NRA approved ranges where they can go to get training and/or get their own weapon. Where they can get information to obtain their own CCW permit. State Law on the use of Deadly Force. Something that looks professional and doesn't make you seem like a wack job.

    Badges with no authority behind them just get you in trouble.

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    Concealed carry badges?

    ummm, no.

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    If you have a badge, how is it CCW?

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    CCW Badge is a ridiculous idea. A CCW permit is NOT a badge. Displaying a badge that carries no legal weight only makes CCW holders, especially those with these badges, look silly.

    Just my $.02.

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    yep sure seems like it
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  9. A CCW badge can greatly enhance the "element of surprise." Bad guy attacks. You whip out your CCW baddge and yell, "SURPRISE!" I'll bet the bad guy will be surprised as hell to find out you only have a CCW badge and not even a gun.....
    Anyone who says, "I support the 2nd amendment, BUT"... doesn't. Element of Surprise: a mythical element that many believe has the same affect upon criminals that Kryptonite has upon Superman.

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    Lot of good responses...Speaking for the LEO side, I'm going to wonder if during the encounter, you presented yourself as a police officer.

    Even if you did not, and your actions led people to think you were an officer it could have an effect how a prosecutor looks at you.

    If you are involved in a shooting you already have enough legal issues to deal with. Don't add fuel to the fire.

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    Quote Originally Posted by joespahr View Post
    Not only does it make you look like you are trying to pretend to be a cop, I would also be worried that a DA could tell a jury that you were trying to be a cop and out looking for trouble. Carrying a badge in addition to your license and weapon gives the impression of premeditation-at least to me...

    I'm thinking in Oklahoma (only) since I don't know other states law, but here you can only open carry if you have CCW, So I think it may be a good idea to keep the people who are going to "freak out" from maybe freaking out quite as bad.

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