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Thread: Concealed carry badges?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Landor View Post
    Does that mean security guards are pretending to be cops because they wear the exact same uniforms as cops just different patches. Some security guards even have badges. I will use any piece of hardware it takes to save my life. I do not have a badge but when I see answers like you are pretending to be a cop, that is plain BS. Some mayor's has a badges, non police / non security government officials have badges. A lot of people have badges that are not police.

    So how many of you would give up your CCW license if a law passed tomorrow that you had to have a CCW badge.

    Sorry folks but these answers are not about badges but more like a badge with a gun.. One or the other is fine but both together automatically screams cop. That is stereotyping. :)
    Yeah, you did. Actually, the stereotyping comment would have been sufficient. :icon_think:

  3. Firemen, PIs, All sworn but not gun carring Law enforcement Have badges.IRS FBI CIA Mail Inspectors Code inforcement dog catchers Why not armed citizens? If it could slow down a bad situation. Hell bad guys scream police when crashing into homes to slow down fire.

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    Wow!!! I wonder why this topic seems to bring out the worst forum behavior in so many posters? Ad homonym attaches are never appropriate. The signal to noise ratio in this thread makes it useless for information, mostly makes me cringe and sometimes makes me smile. So I keep reading and hoping for something surprising.
    I carry a gun because I can't carry a cop!
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    Quote Originally Posted by kwo51 View Post
    Firemen, PIs, All sworn but not gun carring Law enforcement Have badges.IRS FBI CIA Mail Inspectors Code inforcement dog catchers Why not armed citizens? If it could slow down a bad situation. Hell bad guys scream police when crashing into homes to slow down fire.
    You might be able to carry a Concealed Carry Badge, depending on your local/State laws,however,they are meaningless. Bad guys who yell Police when crashing into homes are adding another felony to their robbery charges.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Canis-Lupus View Post
    Hi Landor,
    We agree to disagree, fine, that's what forums R for, just points of view, as different as the pistol U chose or the woman U marry. If my words, concepts, avitar or 'Dead President' quote offend you, sign-in, go to , left column under 'Networking' select 'Contacts & Friends' go to 'Edit Ignore List': (the fast way to get there) choose 'Add a Member to Your List'... and type in Canis-Lupus to your ignore list. Now you will not see my words, tales, G2, SITREP's, rants, opinions, jokes and general BS, or all those HMTL colors I love to use will NEVER be displayed any time you are on USA Carry to offend or upset you. That's called: 'Kill-filing' in USENET terms, normally used for X-posting obnoxious, '"over-quoting"', foul-mothed hated ab-users, Trolls, :taz: flamers and $pammers, but Landor I did think you and the 'badges deal' was getting out of hand & intransigent, and apparently 95% of the replies to that thread are anti-CC-badge, to include the good fella who runs this web-site! So silence me and start k/f-ing all those who don't fit in with your take on everything! After a while it gets lonely when you log-on and see no posts or replies to any you may have posted here.
    Save your sorrow Buster for the unlucky CC person who gets dropped by a LEO reaching for his badge, but they thought he was reaching for something MUCH more dangerous than a bit of shiny metal to prove he was a good law-abiding citizen! Queen to King's rook 5, check!
    I don't have anyone on my ignore list, got me about 6 buddies who post great stuff, and I will not add you to my ignore list. I prefer to read the 24 posts & replies you got to your credit since signing-on-board 10-18-2007, mostlly as tag-ons you throw onto other's threads. BTW I liked your 'me-centric' web-page: . No links to badge vendors or USA Carry yet...... :mp230603212422Murde

    Canis-Lupus :chees:
    I still feel sorry for you :(

  7. When the deaf mute man in new york reached for his card and was shot 40 times I think we all learned not to reach for anything when guns are drawn. Now youall behave and carry what you want just keep your hands in the clear.

  8. Instead of badges, why not have a little slot in your permit to feed an ID clip through? I think if you wanted to identify yourself to police as a permit holder after an incident, you could just clip your permit to your pocket or collar and there would be no doubt as to whether you were the perp or the law-abiding CCW holder.

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    This is kind of a meaningless argument. There is no chance of a Reservoir Dogs-style Mexican standoff, but with the added improbability that the cops show up and are totally confused as to who the bad guys and good guys are. Life is not a bad B action movie.

    A CWP does not grant you automatic immunity as it is NOT a get out of jail free card. It's not a witness that can fully corroborate your version of events. Whether you are or are not a criminal would be more dependent on the pattern of events that unfolded. The police (or later, a judge) should consider whether your account checks out with reality, and whether the situation fits the pattern of a crime.

    1. An incident happens.
    2. You draw your weapon and either shoot the perpetrator (in which case you reholster for safekeeping), or end up holding them at gunpoint.
    3. The cops show up. If you are still holding your weapon, they will ask you to put it down. You put it down.
    4. The police will confiscate your firearm and probably empty and secure it.
    5. The police ask for your CWP permit, and you give that permit to them.
    6. Not being an idiot, you act normal, and calmly inform the LEOs what happened.
    7. Witness accounts should roughly corroborate your story.
    8. During the next 4 hours or so while everyone stands around picking their ears and looking at the yellow police tape surrounding the scene, you'll have ample amount of time to be cooperative with LE and/or call your lawyer.
    9. You might get detained or arrested. Go along with them, and later you can figure out if you want to sue.

    End of story. There's no badges, dangling CWP permits, CWP window stickers, or any other gimmicks needed. These will probably just make you seem less credible to the police, and more like you're a mall ninja looking for trouble.

    BTW, if you honestly think the cops won't be able to tell you from the perp...consider not looking like a perp in the first place. There's a bias here, but society isn't perfect.
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  10. When do we get to change underwear?

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    Hehe, kwo51... terse and amusing as always.

    This topic makes me think of those little toy packages you see at grocery stores, with a set of a policeman's badge, belt, a hollow plastic nightstick and a little policeman's hat. Awww, how cute! We should all wear those when we carry.

    Y.M.C.A.! It's fun to stay at the...
    Truth is mighty and will prevail. There is nothing the matter with this, except that it ain't so.

    -Mark Twain

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