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Thread: Concealed carry badges?

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    The wearing of a badge by a civilian scarily shouts, "I'm impersonating a peace officer!"

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    Yeah kind of bad idea, over the years I have ran into too many cop wannabes and any kind of badge just may inspire them to do something stupid.
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    New Mexico Dept. of Public Safety:; G. Indicia of Licensure - "NO person who is not a LEO, may carry a badge, patch, card ... other than the CCW license issued ...". Not even a question about this in New Mexico - forbidden - and a good idea! We are the "stealth carriers", not the police force.

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    I didn't read the page after page of responses, but I believe the CCW badge is a terrible idea. If you want to carry a badge, then become a cop. If you can't then don't pose.
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  6. Why is this 3 pages ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by haveme1 View Post
    Why is this 3 pages ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by toreskha View Post
    And for those who love smileys:

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    Quote Originally Posted by joespahr View Post
    Not only does it make you look like you are trying to pretend to be a cop, I would also be worried that a DA could tell a jury that you were trying to be a cop and out looking for trouble. Carrying a badge in addition to your license and weapon gives the impression of premeditation-at least to me...
    This is exactly what came to mind.


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    1. An incident happens.
    2. You draw your weapon and either shoot the perpetrator (in which case you reholster for safekeeping), or end up holding them at gunpoint.
    3. The cops show up. If you are still holding your weapon, they will ask you to put it down. You put it down.
    4. The police will confiscate your firearm and probably empty and secure it.
    5. The police ask for your CWP permit, and you give that permit to them.
    6. Not being an idiot, you act normal, and calmly inform the LEOs what happened.
    7. Witness accounts should roughly corroborate your story.
    8. During the next 4 hours or so while everyone stands around picking their ears and looking at the yellow police tape surrounding the scene, you'll have ample amount of time to be cooperative with LE and/or call your lawyer.
    9. You might get detained or arrested. Go along with them, and later you can figure out if you want to sue.
    I opened a can of worms on this one, and I'm sorry, guys. But it was all asked in innocence. But let me first state (and then maybe we can put this issue to bed) that I never mentioned wearing the badge in full view of anyone - in the case of the badge I pictured (sold by a company who furnishes badges to the LEO community), it came with a small wallet that also held your carry permit, which I would also assume you wouldn't be wearing on your lapel or belt. Nor did I mention flashing the badge to impress your buds and girlfriend, any more than you would "flash" your concealed gun to impress people (and we know that happens "sometimes," don't we?).

    In reference to item #3 in the list above, when the LEOs arrive at the scene, and you are holding a gun, pointed at the perp, and the perp decides to exclaim, "He's gonna shoot me! Stop him!", will the LEOs calmly ask me to put my gun down, or will they first shoot me to neutralize the threat? Will they ask me to produce my permit AFTER they shoot me? We just watched a video of a LEO shoot an unarmed man in the back in a subway station, and even if that was an accident, imagine what a jumpy LEO might do when faced with the scenario above.

    I asked for the input, and even wrote to the local LE offices asking them for input. And they "suggested" that I did not carry a badge, although they said that it was NOT illegal in Florida. And I will respect their, and your, viewpoints here.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Piece Corps View Post
    ... in the case of the badge I pictured (sold by a company who furnishes badges to the LEO community), it came with a small wallet that also held your carry permit, which I would also assume you wouldn't be wearing on your lapel or belt.
    I'm thinking that I'm always going to carry my CCW in my wallet where it can be seen alongside my driver's license. If something should happen to me, if I cannot answer for myself and I need to be identified then I want the LEO, who would be looking through my wallet for ID, to see that I have a CCW and know that I carry my firearm legally. Any LEO's care to comment?

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