Baretta px4 compact/subcompact
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Thread: Baretta px4 compact/subcompact

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    Baretta px4 compact/subcompact

    Was wondering what you guys thought about baretta px4 compact or subcompact handgun. Is it a single stack or double i take its a double since it holds in think 13 rounds of 9mm. But wasnt sure. I got the M&P shield and the px4 caught my eye. Is it single action or double action.

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    I have one. They are double stacked. I have the subconpact, the compacts are hard to find and not that much bigger. Very reliable firearm with a good weight to it. It's a little on the thicker side, but is the only subcompact that actually fits my hand comfortable due to the flip out finger extension and interchangeable backs traps. 1500 rounds through it without misfire

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    It's a great gun. Have two subcompacts one in 9mm and one in .40S&W. Magazines are double stack and for 9mm 13 rounds and the .40 10 rounds.
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    Love my PX4, I have the compact in 9mm...15+1 in the double stack mag...controls are identical to m92 if you spend any time in the military

  6. Only complaint is the safe de-cocker/safety because it protrudes.

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