How Can You Own A Gun And Be This Ignorant Of The Law?
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Thread: How Can You Own A Gun And Be This Ignorant Of The Law?

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    How Can You Own A Gun And Be This Ignorant Of The Law?

    While I was at work one night I got into a conversation about guns W/ a co-worker. At some point in the conversation she stated to me that in Colorado it is illegal to posses a loaded firearm anywhere but at a gun range on the firing line. She stated this as fact w/ 100% conviction. She also informed me that in Colorado you must store your firearms, your ammunition and your magazine in three separate locations (I guess if “A” is true then “B” must follow) and that you may not transport a loaded hand gun in your car for any reason (Again, if “A” is true “C” must follow) whether you have a permit or not.

    She held these beliefs even after I referenced CRS 18-12-204 for her and I decided this wasn’t the hill I wanted to die on. Mind you this woman purports to be a gun owner.

    I’ve had other “gun owners” tell me that all firearms in the state of Colorado must be registered w/ the local police (specifically forbidden under Colorado law)

    I’ve been told that you must fill out “special paperwork” in order to sell a firearm in the state. That you must have a CHP to transport a gun in a vehicle period, I had a CSPD desk sergeant tell me that this was a “gray area” he continued to state this even after I showed him this

    See C.R.S. 18-12-204
    (3) (a) A person who may lawfully possess a handgun may carry a handgun under the following circumstances without obtaining a permit and the handgun shall not be considered concealed:

    (I) The handgun is in the possession of a person who is in a private automobile or in some other private means of conveyance and who carries the handgun for a legal use, including self-defense; or (II) The handgun is in the possession of a person who is legally engaged in hunting activities within the state.

    (b) The provisions of this subsection (3) shall not be construed to authorize the carrying of a handgun in violation of the provisions of section 18-12-105 or 18-12-105.5.
    So my question, very simply, is “How can people who purport to be gun owners be that bloody stupid?
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    grey area?
    perhaps those folks weren't using their 'grey matter/areas'
    heheh but glad you done tried to school em
    gun control is being able to hit your target

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    People like that tend to annoy me, they always know what to think, but seldom know how to think. If you give people a chance to show what they know, sometimes you leave with a headache. I had a day like that myself today.

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    yup some days can't help but be surrounded by aholes esp at work
    jokers to the left clowns to the right here i am stuck in the middle feeling, i used to feel that way alot in certain work places
    hang in there hopefully tomorrow be better day for you
    gun control is being able to hit your target

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    Ignorance is the norm and stupidity is on the rise.

    "It's easier to avoid conflict than it is to survive it" - SGB

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    Do any of you really have to know how the imbecile moslem piece of garbage in the whitehouse got elected?

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    In the past the gun laws here in MS were extremely confusing. Even LEOs didn't have a clue. In the 15 or so years since they made the CC permit available, the vehicle carry law has been rewritten to make sense. I was not aware that it had been until I found out a week or two after I registered at this forum. One of my first posts here describes my ignorance of the vehicle carry laws.

    Out of the 20 or so people that I have mentioned the changes to, maybe 4 were aware, one was a LEO and two had CC permits.
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    If this is a question I am going to guess loser Obama supporters.

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    Given the opportunity, most people sink to the lowest common denominator.

  11. Too many people are lazy ***** and won't put in the ten minutes it takes to reference their state's firearms laws.

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